Destiny ~ Adopted

Cant stop Destiny from smiling!

Cant stop Destiny from smiling!

Destiny – The pre determined , usually inevitable or irresistible, course of events. Indeed, it was inevitable for us not to get our hands on this beautiful girl.  Lady was found as a stray and left unclaimed at the shelter for 21 days! She couldn’t wait to hitch a ride in the TDL van along with Tripp! With  age in her face and the waddle in her walk, we knew this girl was older then Rumpelstiltskin, yet not as old as our Wally boy. She needed us to find someone who would give her the love and attention she needs to make her final years the most pleasurable.  

Destiny was in rough shape when she came to us. As excepted with senior dogs, she had fatty lumps and bumps all over. Nails so long it hurt to walk and grimy fur. The shelter girls told us they spent 5 hours grooming her before. I can only imagine the mats they got off. We went ahead and gave her a spa day! Serena trimmed those nails again and tidied up some of her rough edges. A good soaking and scrub down proved to be much needed! Once it was all done, she was feeling refreshed and full of life!

While she was slow to waddle, she was happy to be included in the pack! You could find Destiny laying in the sun most days giving a bark to the younger dogs running by! She would make such a fuss. I think she was cheering them on as they zoomed by. Density had free roam of the back porch, which she was happy about! Some mornings she would be a road block and moan at the others for trying to pass to go outside. Oh bother.  What a grumpy ol lady she could be. She was still so full of life she just had to be heard!   

Destiny surrounded by her new pack!

Destiny surrounded by her new pack!

It wasn’t long before a perfect adopter came along who happened to love collies. Mary Fischetti of Edgewater FL told us Destiny would fit well with her pack! Already having 3 Collies herself, she knew just how to let Destiny run her course! She is  the oldest of the bunch but she will live out her days in pure comfort and a safe environment where she would no longer be left unclaimed. 

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