Farrah the Aussie Pup – Adopted!

Update 12/26/09: Farrah is being fostered by DJ and is having a blast playing with his Shepherd, Scrappy and playing with DJs kids. She has proven that she’s a wonderful addition to a pack, and loves the family life! Could she part Beagle? We don’t know, but her intelligence and spunk says Aussie!

Farrah would thrive with a busy family with a lot to do. She learns quickly.

Farrah has been adopted, and she will be a late Christmas present for a little girl who has been waiting an awfully long time for her own dog! Can’t wait for updates!

Adoption Update: Farrah has been renamed Princess Fiona, which is funny since our first Fiona and Farrah looked so much alike. Her new owner writes: Her new name is Fiona (Princess Fiona:) and she is doing great. Brandi just loves her so much.

They are best friends already. We will keep you posted.

These photos are awesome!

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