General Maximus the Aussie – Adopted

Max wasn’t with me for very long at all! What was amazing, is the moment he met his new family, he ran into their arms and never looked back!

I knew the minute he saw the Lott family, he ran right into the arms, and screamed, “get me out of here!” Max is a very happy boy!


  1. Gisele


    Greg writes:
    " We just sit here admiring and petting this dog , and can't get over how beautiful he is, like a show dog! We loved our Indigo but we think Max is really special. Thanks again!"

  2. Gisele


    Greg writes:

    Just letting you know I took Max to our vet tuesday for his checkup and shots. Our vet was glad that we got a replacement for Indigo, and was really impressed with how nice a dog Max is."

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