Gumbo the Blue Puppy-Adopted

When I saw Gumbo, my heart melted. He reminded me so much of Austin, one of the first puppies I fostered for The Dog Liberator!

Gumbo is a fluffy blue and white Border Collie, born around August of this year. He has one of the happiest spirits you would ever hope to meet. After spending 12 hours in a relay of vehicles traveling from Alabama to my home, I reached into his crate expecting an exhausted puppy. Instead I got kisses, tail wags and happy dancing.

This evening I was walking around the yard with the puppies in the dark and kept feeling something at my feet. Looking down, I saw Gumbo trying to pull off my shoelaces. What a goober! I just love this little fellow!

Be sure to look through his photo album. I’m sure it will just continue to grow as I won’t be able to resist taking photos!

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