This gorgeous young Border Collie is being transported from Georgia hopefully, this week.  He has a lot of energy, is very affectionate and smart!  He’ll be coming down with his side kick, Trapper John!  More information coming soon, and his photos can be viewed on Facebook.  Like Pablo, he has one green eye and one blue!

In 2009, we were asked by PepeDogs to evaluate a gorgeous boy from Miami, Joey for scent work.  Joey passed the initial evaluation, and was hired!  Today, Joey is living near Canada for a pest control company and is a professional, full-time bug detection dog!

Hawkeye may follow Joey’s footsteps!  Hawkeye was transported yesterday to PepeDogs for evaluation.  So far,  he fits the bill!  Updates soon!

12/23/13:  It is official, Hawkeye has been adopted by PepeDogs and will be a professional bug dog!

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  1. Derek Bartholomew


    In absolute love with Hawkeye is there any way to meet with him once he gets down here? Would love to adopt soon!

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