Hopscotch the Bossie Puppy ~ Adopted

Loves to sit in your lap!

Hopscotch is one of a litter of six puppies, the offspring of a Border Collie and Australian Shepherd.  Born in mid-May, they were surrendered to Kandy of Second Chance Rescue in Alabama.  We were contacted by Becky, asking if we would take them.  The answer was a resounding yes!  Kandy kept them for two weeks, until they were 8 weeks old and healthy enough for travel.  And travel they did, in style!  Jeff and Jackie flew them here on their private plane, sparing them a long car ride.  Thank you Kandy, Becky, Jeff and Jackie!!!

These darling puppies have become my “H” puppies:  Halo, Helo, Harper, Hopper, Hopscotch and Hodgepodge.  I fondly refer to these puppies as my Deja Vu litter, as most of them remind me of some of my previous puppies.   Hopscotch is a light merle and white girl.  She reminds me of Twix, the Borsky that I fostered in May.

Going home with Kris, Lauren and Austin!

July 14th Update:

Hopscotch has gone home! Doug and Kris came on Wednesday to meet her, along with their children Austin and Lauren. Yeah, it was Hopscotch all along. Her gentle spirit helped heal the pain left by their beloved Golden Retriever who died last month. “Miya Riley” will truly be loved by this family.

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