How You Can Help by Volunteering


Count the ways you can get involved and volunteer!

Identify and create low-cost spay/neuter programs for your community.

Foster the dog of your choice, even if it’s one at a time, you’re still saving a life.

Personally volunteer at a shelter, pound, or for a rescuer.

Collect used blankets and towels for shelters.

Cruise websites like Craig’s list and Freecycle for affordable used crates for your favorite rescuer.

Scout garage sales for dog-related items, like used crates.

Offer to be a adoption screener, and screen adoption applications.

Offer to conduct home-visits before and after adoptions.

Offer to become a volunteer transporter for your favorite rescuer. This is a huge help that is desperately needed.

Offer to groom dogs for your favorite rescuer, especially before adoption day!

Offer to answer the phones, one day a week, or one hour a day. Everything helps.

If you’re a great organizer, offer to organize a special event, like an adopt-a-thon.

Offer to pick up dogs and drive them to and from the vet or spay/neuter clinic for your favorite rescuer.

Design innovative fundraising ideas.

Support your favorite shelter, pound or rescuer on your Facebook page.

Sponsor a dog that’s on a Pet finding website on your Facebook page.

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