It’s Little Bear-Adopted!

“Little Bear” is the split face cutie with beautiful amber eyes. He is a standard Aussie, but smaller, about 35 lbs. and also a blue merle. Little Bear is four this January.

Little Bear comes from an award winning Sheep Herding, Agility, and Conformation Lineage.

Little Bear knows the commands sit, stay, down, leave it, stay back, shake paw, roll over. He has good leash manners as well. He is also used to getting exercise by running along side of a bike, off leash!

Little Bear is being fostered by Jesse, who marvels about his progress daily. I’m anxious to get updates.

Update from Jesse, Video of Little Bear:

Little Bear has been adopted by Miss Bea!
Jesse writes: I couldn’t get them to sit at the same time for this pic. When Bear realized Bea was back again he jumped two gates to be near her.

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