Jagger is here!

Jagger is here!

Thank you for sponsoring this wonderful young pup.  Jagger comes to us from Florence, Alabama.  He had a base case of sarcoptic mange, that has been treated.  His skin scrape tested negative!  He is being fostered by Laura in the Ocala area, and he is a joy!  He is affectionate, playful, and everything a happy puppy should be!  More about Jagger coming soon!

He will be fully vetted and neutered shortly.

You can see his original photos on Facebook.

09/01/13 Update:  I had a chance to meet Jagger yesterday.  He’s very calm for a puppy, but it was very hot outside, so the dogs were not terribly active.

sticking his tongue out at me?

sticking his tongue out at me?

Jagger loves to steal shoes, hearing Laura’s family talk about it is hilarious!  But he is wicked smart.  He has figured out how to unlatch things, and you only have to teach him once… he’s got it.  Something about his nose and his feet tell me he may have some sort of scent hound in him.  If this is true, it’s quite amazing to see a bloodhound of some sort mixed with a Border Collie.

Years ago, Sheriff Donnie Smith wanted to adopt Charlotte from me.  He is in Maine!  Sheriff Smith is a professional dog trainer, and he wanted the nose of a Beagle, but the smarts of a Border Collie.   No doubt, he is in love with Charlotte, and she has exceeded his expectations.

Jagger with Laura

Jagger with Laura

I think Jagger could be a full-time service dog… with his nose and intelligence, the sky is the limit.

I just uploaded several new  photos of him on Facebook.

09/21/13 Update:  Brian of Orlando adopted Jagger tonight.  In an email he wrote:  I would like to know if Jagger is still available for adoption.   I recently lost my Border Collie, Austin to a Granuloma Brain Disease and had to lay him to rest at 4 years old.

Brian is great guy, and Jagger fell in love with him right away!  Because it was so dark, we didn’t get a photo, but Brian has promised us a photo soon!

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