Young Corgi Boy

Young Corgi Boy

This little man is very young.  He is polite and friendly.  He loves to give kisses, and my daughter just loves him.  He is not fearful and is doing very well in his crate.  He did protect his food last night, which is understandable, he doesn’t know that we have more!  We will be providing updates shortly.

Little boy, a young pup, being transported to TDL this evening and available Friday!  You can see more photos on Facebook.

My Miley Cyrus Look!

My Miley Cyrus Look!

Update:  He’s another Walmart Greeter!  Quiet and loves his crate.  Friendly and gentle with children and plays with other dogs.  He’d make a great apartment dog but will need a lot of time to run and play at the dog park!  His photos do not capture how cute he really is, so I’ll keep trying!



JP goes Home!

JP goes Home!

10/22/13 Update:  JP was adopted by Matt & Kim of Tampa, and their two gorgeous little girls!

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