Libby – The fluffy little girl! ~ Adopted

11150738_10153176310659792_6223185265029435551_n[1]Libby is being transported to us on the 30th. We don’t know a whole lot about her yet, but we believe that she’s around 12 weeks old, and that she’s a Shepherd/Collie mix.

We do know what she will require quite a bit of vetting, so any donations to our Veterinary Care Fund would be greatly appreciated.

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More photos and details coming soon!




5/31/15 Update! Libby is here!libby 33  Libby’s such a friendly girl. Very snuggly and sweet. We were surprised to see how much lighter her coat is than it was in the original pictures. She’s losing her dark puppy fur! Libby is currently at Newman Vet, and will be available for adoption soon. If you’d like to be considered for her, please check out Our Adoption Process.
11428545_10153232440944792_430098626687025565_n26/13/15  Update: Libby was adopted this morning! She will be living with Becky, Briana, Logan, and their cat, Penny, in Jacksonville. So happy for Libby and her new family!

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