Lil’ Sheila-Adopted

Little Sheila arrived on transport from Alabama, and being that Jesse lives close to the transport’s pick up location, he graciously fostered her for us for a few days. Sheila got along very well with his pack, especially Titan!

Sheila (formerly Julie) is very healthy, and only needs to be spayed and micro-chipped before she can be adopted, which will be done immediately.

Sheila is probably anywhere from 4-6 months old, and she is an absolutely delight. This is the perfect age to introduce her to cats, if she is expected to go to a home with cats. Based on the size of her paws, we believe she is going to be a big girl! We have no idea what her breed is, it may be a combination of several, Border Collie, Aussie, Lab, and countless others, like Great Pyrenees, or Newfoundland. Regardless, she is an athletic dog full of energy, and affection.

Updates will be provided with new information about her temperament.

New video of Pip Squeak and Lil’ Sheila!

Talk about good temperament! Here’s Lil’ Sheila and Pip Squeak patiently waiting for Rocket to enjoy play time! Patience is a virtue!

05/16/10: Lil’ Sheila was adopted today… ahhh yes, frequent strolls on the beach will be good for her… who am I Kidding? She’s going to stomp on the beach and give it what for! Updates and photos coming soon!

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