Throw it, throw it, throw it!

Throw it, throw it, throw it!

Lola is a performance dog… period!  She is very young, and was found quite emaciated.  Her foster Mom has nursed her back to health quite nicely!  Lola had an un-diagnosed issue with her pancreas.  We’ve seen it before, no biggie.  Sprinkle some enzymes on her food and she’s fixed forever!

We’ll be providing more information about Lola shortly, but in the meantime, she is about 1-2 years of age, and only weighs 30 pounds!  She can scale a baby gate without effort, has great toy drive and loves playing frisbee!  We’re working on better photos and a video!

Can Lola go out and Play?

Can Lola go out and Play?

She is being fostered in the Orlando area.  You can see more photos of her on Facebook.

Email for more information on how to adopt.  You can see her in action in the video below!

Here’s a quick look at her wonderful manners!

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