just a baby

just a baby

She has big feet, but her teeth say baby!  Madonna is about 3-4 months old.  This gorgeous girl comes from Athens, AL and she is a real doll.  She approached Nacho, the resident cat at Newman’s and was not reactive.  She loves everyone, but loves to chew on you… she needs a lot of bones to chew on until her new teeth come in.  It was hard to guess her breed, but in order to explain those feet, we agreed maybe Great Pyrenees and Aussie.

After reviewing the paperwork, we learned that Madonna did have an owner, she was not a stray.  The statement reads that during the act of play, the dog tried to take the newspaper from the owner’s hand, and Madonna accidentally bit her.

Nacho, the resident cat at Newmans!

Nacho, the resident cat at Newmans!

We’ve all been bit during puppy play.  I’m not sure why the owner decided to surrender the pup, since it was an accident.  I remember playing with my border collie puppy on the couch many years ago, I zigged, she zagged, and we bumped each other, and she broke my tooth!  I was furious, but I didn’t get rid of the pup!

Madonna is going to be an active dog for quite a while.  Having a pack to play with will help drain her puppy energy.  I suspect that when she becomes an adult, she will be a wonderful and calm family dog.

You can see more photos of her on Facebook.

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08/07/14:  Madonna was adopted by Jackie of Kissimmee!

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