Marlo-Corgi – Border Collie – Attacked by Coyote

The Bite

The Bite

History:   There is an invisible sign in front of every rescuer’s yard…  that only the animals can see… and this girl stumbled onto Laura’s home today. Emaciated and severely injured, Laura’s son, Josh Kern is playing doctor. We need two things, donations for her medical care, and a ride from Crystal River to Deltona where she can see our vet immediately. Please help! visit this page do donate.

This sweet girl is letting Josh clean her wound. Josh is making chicken stew!

Amanda and Dr. Ed start working on Marlo right away.

Amanda and Dr. Ed start working on Marlo right away.

We’ve named her Marlo Thomas… yes, she is THAT GIRL! We’ve learned a lot in the last 24 hours that we will share shortly. For now, she is at Newman Vets of Deltona and let the technicians clean her up. She was covered in ticks and severely matted, she will need to be shaved down.

We believe she is a Corgi and either Sheltie or Border Collie. She is a low rider! Dr. Ed confirmed that the marks are a bite but a bite from what? We have received emails that she has been spotted on her own for many months from Marion County and Cirtrus County.  Is it really her that people claim they have seen her?  I think it might be.  She does a very unique look to her.

Dr. Ed believes she is about 2 years old, and she has been eating rocks!  Her teeth are a bit worn down, but they are in good shape.

Tracy comes to help pull the ticks off

Tracy comes to help pull the ticks off

She is truly a wanderer and quite happy living on the land, unfortunately this time, something got her. What’s in these woods? Racoons, Possums, Fox, Coyote, wild dogs and feral cats. We’ll never know, but whatever bite her, bit her good.

Special thanks to Randy Post and his wife, who transported her to us today. Randy adopted Millhouse from us last year.

You can see many more photos of her on Facebook.

More details coming soon on her page, and thank you for your donations, and all of your help!

Marlo, ready for her foster home!

Marlo, ready for her foster home!

Update:  We met Marlo yesterday, her wound is almost completely healed.  Johanna and Adriaan, along with their adopted TDL Dog Shep/Alfie are perfect for her.  Marlo tended to gravitate toward Adriaan, his calm energy is what she needs!

Boo Boo is all gone!

Boo Boo is all gone!

More Updates coming soon!  Please visit her Facebook Photo Album to see more great photos of her recovery!


09/01/14 Update:  Marlo was Adopted Saturday by Kristy.  The moment we posted Marlo’s horrible photos of her injury, Kristy emailed us, wanting to adopt… but we had to wait.  We had to wait for Marlo to get better, and the folks at Newman Vet, Deltona took care of that!  And, we had to wait for her to be in foster care for a few days so we could evaluate her.

Marlo goes home

Marlo goes home

Marlo is going to take baby steps in her rehabilitation, and we are confident that Kristy will help her along!  Updates soon!

We received about eight emails from people who wanted to adopt Marlo, and selecting her new home was not easy.  Kristy lives very close by, which put our mind at ease, her dog has very calm energy, and her husband has a lot of experience being a dog-owner.   We really need to give Marlo at least a month before Kristy can decide if Marlo is her forever dog!


Email us for more information:

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