Beyond Gorgeous!

Beyond Gorgeous!

Wow, this guy is stunning.  Animal Control doesn’t understand why such a gorgeous dog was not re-claimed.  He was not matted, or dirty, and his nails had been recently manicured… and once I met him, I couldn’t figure it out either.

At first we were convinced that Niall is both deaf and blind, but I don’t think so yet!  He appeared to travel sound and be able to see quite well, but remember, these deafies are super smart and intuitive.  Deafies are so smart, most of the time their owners don’t know they are deaf!  Niall is one of those.   The only true way to see if a dog is deaf  is when they are alone, and asleep.  You enter the room, make slight noises (not vibrations) and see what happens!  Here’s what I do know… he responded to sounds and he did not “bump” into anything, and he came right to us repeatedly.  Much like China, he has adequate vision.

Can I come out and Play?

Can I come out and Play?

Niall is very young, maybe 1 less than 2 years old.  He is a real cuddle bug and has the Aussie Wiggle Butt.  He has been fully vetted, neutered, microchipped, however, the vet found that he is heartworm positive.  Heartworm is so easy and inexpensive to treat, I wonder if his owners got scared and gave him up thinking the treatment is expensive.  Niall will start his heartworm treatment and be negative in about 6-12 months.

Niall is so much like my China, I just know I’m going to fall in love big time!  And by the way, I thought Lilly was deaf/blind too, and she marched right into our rescue and never was!

Cuddles with his toy

Cuddles with his toy

You can see more of his photos on Facebook.

Update:  Niall is being fostered by Courtney, Ginger Doodle’s Mom!  He is incredibly affectionate and friendly.  He is learning everything super fast, including stairs!  He is housebroken and has amazing manners.  We will have more updates shortly.

Mr. Niall and Joey, his new name is Ban Joe!

Mr. Niall and Joey, his new name is Ban Joe!

10/27/14 Update:  We had a lot of great people who wanted to adopted Niall, and choosing wasn’t easy.  Niall was adopted yesterday by Joey!  We’re looking forward to updates soon!

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  1. Courtney


    Niall is a SWEET loving boy – perfect for anyone who wants to give their animal lots of pets and belly scratches! He is quick to bury his head into your lap once he finds you, and is content to sit there getting loved on for hours! He is a saint on a leash, and is very polite to people and other dogs 🙂 He is a quick study – already learning to fetch by listening for where the toy lands and moseying over to it!

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