Olaf, the fluffy puppy~Adopted

Olaf the fluffy puppy

Olaf the fluffy puppy

Because of your donations on Frappe Friday, we were able to sneak this little boy on our transport yesterday, so Thank you!  We estimate he’s between 9 – 12 weeks of age, and he’s a cutie pie.  After careful research, we are confident in telling you he is a Great Pyrenees/Collie boy.  There is a bald spot on his back which may be where someone applied a topical flea preventative… and it burned his hair.

Lanie with Newman Vet says I'm the cutest puppy ever!

Lanie with Newman Vet says I’m the cutest puppy ever!

You can see a lot of photos of him on Facebook.


Update:  Michael Scott and his family drove from Gainesville to meet and adopt Olaf!  Michael adopted Osbourne, the Border Collie, and it was time to add a new member to form a pack!  Olaf now has his own little girl to play and cuddle with.  To get updates and watch this pup grow, visit the photo album!

Olaf Meets His New Family

Olaf Meets His New Family

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