Pablo Picasso~Adopted

I meet Pablo, and fall in love!

I meet Pablo, and fall in love!

Pablo is great with older children, he gets excited and might knock over little ones!  He would do very well with an owner who is active.  Pablo would love to load up and go on adventures.  He has a lot of energy and loves to run.  Pablo doesn’t know he’s almost full grown, he still thinks he’s a three month old puppy!  He would love to have a running partner, someone who can really wear him out!  Pablo seems to gravitate toward men, he is starving for leadership and wants to please.

Named after the artist, Pablo was called Jackson from Huntsville, AL. This is one awesome boy! From the shoulders down, he is a Collie Collie! I have no idea where he got his white head and spirit eyes from!

He’s Shep all over again! He is very young, he still squats when he pees! He’s been neutered and vetted, he is not shy, he has not been abused. He is full of joy! He loves his people, and plays well with other dogs! He doesn’t realize how big he is! He would prefer to be in your lap! He reminds me of my Ozzie, very goofy! I just love him!

original shelter photo

original shelter photo

I’ve spent quite a bit of time with this boy, he is full of joy and loves to play!  I looked on his tail for that famous black spot that all collies have, and I found it! I don’t know why I was so compelled to have him in our rescue, especially since he was not in a kill shelter, but last night, after playing with him, it dawned on me that he looks like our Kudos, and Kudos was one awesome dog!

History: His name was Jackson. The shelter in Huntsville is not a kill shelter, and usually we only rescue that dogs whose lives are threatened, but I saw this boy, and just asked if we could have him… He just looks TDL-ish! I think is going to hop on board and be here Thursday night! He’s ready to be adopted, had all of his shots, neutered… the works!09/26/13 Update:  Pablo is doing very well here.  He is getting better about going into his crate, but once in, he’s quiet and calm.  Pablo needs a lot of exercise.  He is very young – maybe 8 months.  He plays fetch, and loves to run.  He is learning basic manners here, and I just love him!

I'm a Ham!

I’m a Ham!

10/01/13 Update:  Every one who comes over just loves Pablo.  It’s amazing that he has joy in every step he takes.  He has not been abused, he has no social issues.

He’s just a good and very lively boy!  He is very much the Walmart Greeter!   You can see his photo album on Facebook.  Today, Pablo is awesome in his crate, and has learned so much in a very short period of time!

Going Home, Step on it Dad!

Going Home, Step on it Dad!




Pablo was adopted today by Robert and Janelle Walkley of Tampa. Robert, and Bridget are 2007 World Champions (Hyperflite/Skyhoundz World Championships).  Their updates indicate that they are in love with him, and calling him Jackson!

It's hard work being a good boy!

It’s hard work being a good boy!

Robert, and Bridget are 2007 World Champions

Robert, and Bridget are 2007 World Champions

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