Phoebe Buffay~Adopted

Phoebe has been adopted and will go home on Monday. I don’t know what Sunny will do without her!

Only Six Friends Puppies are Available for Adoption!

Phoebe BuffayPhoebe does have some visual limitations in her right eye. Her left eye appears normal. We are testing her hearing, but believe she is most likely deaf (not confirmed). She is a doll baby and is being fostered by Jen!

You can see more of her photos on Facebook, or visit the Friends Puppies Page for more information.

"my little puppy!" "my tiny human!"

“my little puppy!”
“my tiny human!”

Update:  Phoebe was adopted, has two little female humans to play with and a very large but gentle German Shepherd to teach her the ropes… all in Port St. Lucie!

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  1. Chelsea


    Is Phoebe still available for adoption? How did the hearing check go?

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