Pilots-n-Paws Delivers to The Dog Liberator

On September 3, 2009, the Pilot-n-Paws Volunteer Program transported several pets to the Tampa International Airport where several rescues anxiously awaited their rescued animals. Pilot Jeff Bennett flew for 12 hours, from the Florida Keys to Montgomery, Alabama and then, to Tampa.

Dog Liberator Volunteer Writes to AP Reporter Mitch Stacy who covered the transport:

Once I was able to catch the mother Collie from running loose on the tarmac, she settled down nicely for the ride to her foster home in Deltona. She and her pup are doing just fine resting today and will be pampered and loved there by Gisele while their permanent homes are found.

It is the mission of the group of volunteers with The Dog Liberator to foster, rehabilitate and re-home these two Collie’s quickly as has been the case with many. She has an amazing success record in such a short time with dogs that were either surrendered to her or rescued at the 11th hour and transported to her by such wonderful rescuers in Alabama like Rebecca Harshman and Denise Hoyle. I just help transport but it is such a rewading experience I cannot begin to tell you. The Pilots-n-Paws experience was a new one for me.

We will keep you posted as to their re-homing and let you know when and where they are placed. The stories of these Collie’s, like so many others placed by Gisele will be posted on a few different web sites. These will tell you more than I can begin to say.”

We will continue to update this story about the rescue of Princess Lady Di, a beautiful young Rough Collie, and her pup, Goldie Hawn. At this moment, Goldie Hawn will need time to rest, and recover from illnesses. Goldie is emaciated, and until she can get back on her feet, she will not be able to be spayed or available for adoption.


  1. Gisele



    Please accept our deepest sympathy on the loss of sweet Goldie Hawn. Those of us in rescue do all that we can to mend these animals who cross our paths and sometimes, we lose the battle no matter how hard we try. Goldie knew loving hands from pilot Jeff's to yours and all others connected to her.

    Thank you for caring….


    Debi Boies
    Co-Founder, Pilots N Paws

  2. Gisele


    Mitch Stacy writes:

    Aw, Gisele. I'm so sorry. She was such a sweet baby. She knew love before she died, thanks to you. God bless you!

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