Prince Harry~Adopted

Prince Harry, the rough coat Collie

Prince Harry, the rough coat Collie

Prince Harry is Adopted

Prince Harry is Adopted

It’s been a very very long day. I didn’t expect Meredith to survive and she has so far. I didn’t expect Meredith to be quiet at my house, but she sure is, and she is resting very comfortably… not a peep! I didn’t expect to lose Maggie, but I did, and having to say goodbye to her hit me hard below the belt. I want to thank all of you for your kind words, your support, your prayers, and your donations. It’s lonely sometimes behind this computer, but I can always count on you. I can feel your warm concerns, and I can almost hear you when you cheer Woo Hoo!

We rescued a new dog today, a stray from Miami, thanks to a good Samaritan named Michelle. Michelle Kamber is fostering him. His name is Prince Harry. Rescue… it’s like a roller coaster, eh? You don’t know if it’s going to be a thrill, or if you’re gonna puke!

Prince Harry is less than a year old.  We will have him checked out by a vet, get all of his shots and get him neutered shortly.  You can see more of his photos on Facebook.


Prince Harry was adopted by Sherri of New Smyrna Beach!

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