Ranger, the Masked Border Collie Puppy – Adopted

When our trans-porter, Leonard, dropped off Ranger to my home, he had a very hard time letting him go! Ranger is very young, possibly only 8 weeks old. He’s being treated with antibiodics and carefully monitored. His appetite is increasing, and his sudden bursts of energy are a joy to watch. He plays with Natalie long and hard, and retreats to his crate for much needed power naps!

Ranger will not be available for adoption for several weeks, but when he’s ready, we should have plenty of stories to tell about his stay here!

Update: Ranger is ready for his forever home. He is still very young, and sleeps a lot, but when he plays, he sure has a lot of energy! He’s spent most of his time with Lady Di and Ozzie, who take turns grooming him, and correcting him during playtime.

Adoption Update: The most wonderful thing happened today! The Guyettes came for a visit and they brought Smores, who has been renamed Toby. Boy, is he a gorgeous pup. But before they left, they adopted Ranger! So now Smores (Toby) will have a new little brother to play with, and Ranger will thrive with the attention he will get from their family, and will have the guidance of Toby. What more can a good dog ask for? Read about Smores by clicking here.

Click here to watch them play together!

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