Reed’s Bandit the Velcro Pup – Adopted

Reed is a 7 month old purebred BC that can be best described as a velcro dog! He has been fully vetted and neutered, loves to play with other dogs and adores children. Reed has had little training but is responding well to basic commands with the help of hotdog bites! Reed will be a fairly active dog, and would make a great frisbee, ball, flyball, and/or agility dog.

Reed does not have any issues or emotional scars whatsoever, he just hasn’t been taught what to do, and has been lacking an alpha to show him the way! He’s learning the ropes at our Border Collie Boot Camp and is waiting for a forever home.

Reed was adopted, and much to our surprise, at only 7 months of age, he tested positive for HW.  This changed my protocol in rescue forever.  Now, all dogs from 6 months of age are tested for HW disease.  Reed did undergo the immiticide treatment and is HW negative today.


  1. Just Me


    Reed is the kind of dog you want to just squeeze! Really cool markings and boy is he primed for training. He's got it all: looks and a good-natured BC personality.

  2. Gisele


    Bandit is doing great! Getting stronger with more energy, normal bc face on one side, coyote face on the other, we love him!


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