Six Shwestie Puppies! What’s a Shwestie? – All Adopted

I made it up! These darlings are Sheltie/Westies!

Female Nessie – Adopted

Male Finnegan – Adopted

Female Jinty – Adopted

Female Rhonna – Adopted

Female Gillian – Adopted

Female Kenna-Adopted

All have been completely vetted, de-wormed, spayed/neutered, and are ready to be loved.

11/13/09: Rhona has been adopted!
11/15/09: Nessie has been adopted!
11/20/09: Finnegan has been adopted!
11/27/09: Jinty has been adopted!
11/30/09: Gillian has been adopted!
12/01/09: Kennas has been adopted!

Sept 10 update from Connie Stuart
I adopted Rhona last November and just love this dog to pieces. She is a perfect fit for our family, so thank you for liberating her.

I have recently come across a catelog that had a dog very similar to her in it and they listed a breed, the Portuguese Podengos, which is amazingly similar to MacKenzie and the others. I am wondering if you had any history on her parents-Sheltie and the Westie.

If you have a second go check out this site and see what you think about the looks.

I do hope you have some info on her mom and dad, if not no matter, she is still the greatest dog ever!

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  1. Gisele


    About Kenna:

    My daughter is in heaven… we love our new puppy!

    We did change her name – she is now Beatrice. Bea Kenzie MacKenzie.

    Thanks again. She is a joy.


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