Splash Makes Her Entrance at the Border Collie Boot Camp! – Adopted

Splash was delivered to a shelter in Alabama, and since the Border Collie Express was in progress, her shelter asked if she could hitch a ride. She may not be black and white, but she sure is a doll! I can’t tell you how many times the shelter has apologized for the awful photo – but that’s okay, we’ll upload new photos after she has time to settle in. Splash is said to be a fluffy puppy, maybe 5 months old, and smart as a whip! Personally, I think she’s going to have a great time with our pack.

Updates regarding her temerament, likes and dislikes will be coming soon!

Update 12/22/09: Splash has a cough, and is being treated for it. 95% of the dogs that come to us from a shelter that are transported experience a cough.

Update 12/23/09: Splash has been adopted by a wonderful couple, the Mello’s of Palm Bay, who will nurture her, and help her get over her shyness.

01/05/10 Adoption Update: A couple of pics of our new baby “Missy Mello” this was her first week with us, She did a lot of resting and getting used to her new environment. She has settled in very well and is lively and playing with toys now and loving her trips to puppy park. She has been a true blessing to our home. Special thanks to Gisele at the dog liberator rescue for stepping out of her usual border collie rescue role and picking up this lovely little golden.

Maggie Mello

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  1. Just Me


    So glad this love bug found an experienced golden home. The couple that adopted her were simply golden themselves. Like peanut butter and jelly, they are a match made in heaven.

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