Pink suits her well!

Pink suits her well!

Look Mom, No Hands!

Squeeze is an eight month-old Aussie that is, for the most part, is deaf.  She has limited vision, but gets around beautifully.  She adores kids, and other dogs.  She is quiet in her crate (most deaf dogs are not) and is fairly good on leash.   Her owner in Alabama has suddenly become very ill and she could not longer care for Squeeze.  Becky Harshman asked TDL to take her in, and my immediate answer was, of course!

Squeeze is making quite an impression here… my daughter has already asked me if we can keep her… the answer is NO!  Squeeze has been an only dog, but I believe she would thrive in a pack.

On Transport to TDL!

On Transport to TDL!

I’ll be taking more photos of her shortly, and thank you to everyone who helped transport her to us, especially Katherine Miller and Zoe Rush!  She sure reminds me of Velveteen.

DSC_0029bYou can see more photos of her on Facebook.

05/26/13 Update:  Well, that didn’t take long.  My daughter and Squeeze have bonded very fast!  When Squeeze sees Sarah, she gets all excited, spins around and around, jumps up to kiss her… just like China!  The Keep word has come up a few times, and the answer is still no.  I hope someone comes to adopt this little cutie pie soon!


Squeeze goes Home!

Squeeze goes Home!

07/27/13 Update: Squeeze was adopted by the Dixon family, they had adopted Dutch from TDL back in 2010 and have been wanting another dog to keep Dutch active! So far, Squeeze is learning to play nice with their cats!

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  1. M. H.


    Thanks for introducing me to Squeeze earlier this week. She is such a sweetheart. If you hadn’t told me that she was hard of hearing or seeing, I never would have guessed. I can see why Sarah wants to keep her. She is very friendly and affectionate. Bart seemed to like her too. I am sure that she will make a lucky family very happy.

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