Cortez ~ Adopted

14054139_10154249759804792_5009610282058747001_nCortez is one of three little Chihuahua/BC pups who just arrived at TDL. Their mom is a Chihuahua and their dad is Mr. Moonpie, the BC mix (recently adopted through us).

Cortez is the most energetic of the 3 boys!

Please keep an eye on our page for updates!




If you’d like to be considered for one of these puppies, please go here to learn all about Our Adoption Process. We don’t use a traditional application, but we would like you to answer a few questions so we can get to know you better.

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8/27/2016 Update: Cortez found his family today! Craig and Ali of  Orlando FLorida fell in love with this sweet boy. Congratulations to them all!







Roland ~ Adopted

12990912_10153938379639792_39002013399860692_n.Roland is a 18 month old male chihuahua who came to us with Tiny Tina.

We are still vetting and getting to know Roland, more information coming soon!

If you would like to be considered for Roland please read Our Adoption Process and answer the questions presented in the article.

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4/23/16 Update: Roland, now King Tut was adopted by former TDL adopter Alisa (Captain Teemo’s mom) and Tut is already working as a therapy dog! He’s been visiting cancer patients, folks with depression, etc. We’re so very proud of him!



7/8/16 Update: Roland and Teemo now has a new sister. Welcome home Daphne!






Tiny Tina ~ Adopted!

12991072_10153938379564792_6743338994509534257_nTiny Tina is  a 6 month old female chihuahua who came to us with Roland.

We are still vetting and getting to know Tiny Tina, more information coming soon!

If you would like to be considered for Tiny Tina please read Our Adoption Process and answer the questions presented in the article.

Check out Tiny Tina’s Photos on Facebook!13007201_10153940377229792_8658251390272790567_n




4/23/16 Update: Tina was adopted by Stephanie of Altamonte Springs!






Little Bowie ~ Adopted

Little Bowie (2)Little Bowie is an 9 week old male Chihuahua/sheltie mix and is one of the 4 Bowie pups.

Check out his photos on Facebook!
Check out their Group Album on Facebook!

1/11/15 Update Little Bowie was adopted by the La Torre’s of Ormond Beach! Woo hoo!Little Bowie

Little Ziggy ~ Adopted

Little ZiggyLittle Ziggy is an 9 week old male Chihuahua/sheltie mix and is one of the 4 Bowie pups.

Check out his photos on Facebook!
Check out their Group Album on Facebook!

If you are interested in being considered for Little Ziggy please read Our Adoption Process, answer the questions presented in the article, and send your answers to the email listed in the post.12494826_10153704681424792_3050439278733621682_n

1/30/16 Update: Little Ziggy has been adopted by the Young family of Satellite Beach, FL!

Major Tom ~ Adopted!

mojor tomMajor Tom is an 9 week old male Chihuahua/sheltie mix and is one of the 4 Bowie pups.

Check out his photos on Facebook!
Check out their Group Album on Facebook!

If you are interested in being considered for Major Tom please read Our Adoption Process, answer the questions presented in the article, and send your answers to the email listed in the post.mojor tom (2)


1/31/16 Update: Major Tom was adopted by the McDonnells of Daytona Beach! Congrats to you and your new family, little guy!

Stardust ~ Adopted!

10565233_10153697461334792_8438413733572136692_n 12573184_10153697461864792_8239464578705322922_nStardust is an 9 week old female Chihuahua/sheltie mix and is one of the 4 Bowie pups.

Check out her photos on Facebook!
Check out their Group Album on Facebook!

If you are interested in being considered for Stardust please read Our Adoption Process, answer the questions presented in the article, and send your answers to the email listed in the post.



1/29/16 Update: Stardust was adopted by Sydney Flanigan of Coco Beach, FL. Congratulations to them both!

Little Vader ~ Adopted

12219603_10153565039174792_5020078036147885926_nLittle Vader may have the name of a villain but he is anything but! Vader is a 13 month male chihuahua, approximately 5 lbs, who is up to date on shots, neutered, and doing well! This spunky little fellow is great with other dogs and has done well with children. He is crate and leash trained and now just needs an awesome home!



If you are interested in adopting Little Vader please read Our Adoption Process and email us with the answers presented in the article.

Check out Little Vader’s photos on Facebook!


11/11/15 Update: Little Vader found his home with Dixie McCombs of Deltona, FL! More information coming soon!

Tickle Me P!nk ~ Foster Failure

Tickle Me P!nk (P!nk for short!) is an 8 month old female Chihuahua schnauzer mix who is a little shy but so hopeful. You can just see it in her eyes, a little timid but deeply desiring to fall head over paws in love with someone who will love her just as much in return.


“I don’t know about this….” P!nk


“But I do love being loved!” P!nk










She comes to us as a stray and will be fostered in Deltona. We look forward to telling you all about P!nk as we get to know her. In the meantime, why not check out her Photos on Facebook?

 4/19/15 Update: As we get to know P!nk we are discovering how sweet and special she is.

We would love to find a home where she might be able to be a companion for a child with special needs, as she seems to have a temperament which would be great for such a child. Calm and quiet, she doesn’t cry when left. She loves to sleep in bed with you and recognizes the privilege. She remains in her little spot all night. Our only warning is that she is small and will escape through small holes in a fence, so the yard must be secure.



6/15/15 Update – Today I got the message I half knew was coming. P!NK has been home all along.  She is Rosie’s new playmate and best friend, Di’s little buddy, and has made her self a permanent part of the pack. P!NK adopted herself out, and We couldn’t be more happy that this little stinker will be loved and cherished the rest of her days.






Viktor Krum~Adopted



Viktor is a 6 month old male Long hair chihuahua. He reminds us of one of the faces of TDL, Rosie, and he is stinking cute!

He comes to us from Alabama, where the shelter had nothing but good things to say about him (you’ll shortly notice a trend)! The shelter stated:

He sits on command. Loves to cuddle. Starving for attention in the shelter.

When Johannah picked him up she stated:

GOOD DOG! Quiet on the ride, walked well on a leash, peed in the grass like a champ. He is top shelf!



Needless to say Viktor is an attentive people pleaser and cuddle bug. He is not at all growly or snippy.

In fact, the biggest issue you might have is him drowning you in kisses! See his photos on Facebook!

  If you are looking for a pint sized companion, Viktor might be your little man!


pizap.com141451579154012 pizap.com14145160392621





Athens 2 blaze2pizap.com14145161830402






 If you think Viktor might be the little man for you,

please first read about Our Adoption Process and then


Whole Lotta Rosie

Do Chihuahua's help Asthma?

Do Chihuahua’s help Asthma?

Almost one year ago I wrote a post prompted by Brittney Myers about Asthma and Chihuahua’s.  Several months later, The Dog Liberator had selected a few Chi’s to rescue, but they were adopted from the shelter in Lake City.  My son Ryan was very excited, only to be told it was not going to happen.  Ryan has suffered from allergy-related asthma all of his life, he takes several medications, and gets allergy shots regularly.

Last week, Dusty (Lilly’s Dad) asked if I could help a friend who was surrendering her Chihuahua.  Based on the dog’s temperament and photo, I thought she was highly adoptable.  The two year-old was delivered to me last Sunday, January 5th, but I never dreamed that I would fall in love with her immediately!  Her name was Athena, and we tossed around some name ideas, and settled with Rosie even though she has a million nicknames already.

In an attempt to conduct our own experiment, Rosie has been sleeping with Ryan every night.  However, last night, she slept with me.  This morning Ryan awoke sneezing, coughing and wheezing.  Coincidence?  Maybe!

Like I did one year ago, I researched the myth that Chihuahua’s help children with Asthma again.  Here’s what I found!

Written by Mike Reed

My Musical Lungs

Integrity Pets


While I currently do not believe that any dog can “take asthma away” I wonder if the Chi is so small that it actually delivers the allergen to a person who is allergic, much like the shots that Ryan is receiving contains the actual items he is allergic to.  Getting small dosages of what hurts him is helping him build his own immunity.

If any person is allergic to dogs, the last thing they would want is a 120 pound dog sitting on top of them!  But a tiny little Chi might be delivering just enough of the allergen to help the patient.

I also believe that any dog, even a tiny Chi can help a person relax and feel comforted.  So even if it’s psychosomatic, who cares if it works!  Remember, I am the person who bought Claire Bear chicken feet!  I’ll try anything!

When I researched the epidemic of homeless dogs last month, I found that in 2007 only a few hundred Chihuahuas were homeless on Petfinder, yet in 2013 there were over 18,000 homeless Chi’s listed on Petfinder.  This mess was created in party by the popular Beverly Hills Chihuahua and greedy breeders.  If we can safely say that some people truly believe for reasons we can not yet prove that Chi’s help people with Asthma, it’s a win win!

But here’s what I really want to share about Rosie.  She is housebroken, she does not bark at strangers, she is  not afraid, she is not neurotic, she does not bite, she is very friendly, she is crate trained, she is sleeps in her bed during the day, she eats very little, she does not require much grooming, my pack has accepted her, and she is very polite with the pack, she is cuddly and gives kisses.  When given the right environment, training and leadership, all Chihuahuas can be like Rosie.

For now, she will stay with us but if for any reason we do not feel she is a match for us, I have no doubt that she will be fought over!  In the meantime, anyone wanting to start up a Chihuahua rescue, I’m all ears!

Mary w/ Newman Vets and Rosie!

Mary w/ Newman Vets and Rosie!

01/14/14 Update:  Rosie went to the vet yesterday.  She needed all of her shots, and her micro-chip.  We forgot to heartworm test her (I know it’s negative) so we’ll do that tomorrow.  But, she needed FIVE teeth pulled.  FIVE teeth in that tiny little head of hers!  Ah Chihuahua – that must have hurt!  Still groggy and in some pain, she slept with me last night.  I gave her the pain meds, and listened to her breathing.  Every once and a while, she’d let out a tiny groan – poor thing!

What’s wild is that this morning, Ryan needed his inhaler!  He was coughing and wheezing, remember, I slept with Rosie.  When I arrived at this vet this morning, Katrina mentioned that one of her family members always had a Chi because of Asthma – and she insists that it’s not a wive’s tale!  Time will tell eh?  Rosie is doing great today!  I’m scouting for dog clothes for her, to help her through the cold days that are on their way here.

Dogs, Allergies and Asthma

Cinnabon, adopted 2011

Brittney and were talking about Allergies, Asthma and dogs.  So she did some research for us.  Seriously!

Do Chihuahua’s help with Asthma?  We found on Wiki Answers the following:

I am not sure why.. But I am positive that they do. The problem with most owners is thay don’t bond with there chihuahua. If you are mean to, or dislike the animal it wont make the b ond that is neccisary.

I have had asthma my entire life, we got a male chihuahua.. and I never bonded with him. Also another theory is that you have to get them when they are a puppy. The male chihuahua was already grown.

By chance when I was 12 early in the year, we had to take in a 17 hour old female chihuahua, and bottle feed her from the time of birth… By the end of the year we noticed that she had start to have coughing fits and started wheezing. Not very long after that did I notice I could go outside and run and not even need my inhaler. Were as before I would have been having an attack.

So as far as it being a myth.. NO! I am a true believer in this and I will stand strong on that.

I thank that little chihuahua Indie now for giving me my life back. She still has coughing fits and weezing when overexcited.

~Chihuahua Lover For Life


We also found a forum on Topix that was loaded with believers!  One of those users, RT from Texas wrote:

Chihuahua’s adopted 2011 from Hale County Humane Society

RRT wrote:

Are local doctors really telling their respiratory patients to get chihuahuas? A lady told me recently that her gynecologist told her to get a chihuahua for her asthma and it would also help her husband’s emphysema. Do they really do any good?

My kids had asthma when they were toddlers. Since we couldn’t afford to move to a drier climate. We got a chihuahua instead, after my mother in law said this would help. The kids gradually stopped having so many attacks and actually has been asthma free for a good many yrs. One Dr. said they probably just grew out of it. But I would swear by it. Since then the only kind of inside dogs we own are the little ankle biters.

We also found:

My sister had severe asthma as a child. She spend a lot of time in oxygen tents in the emergency ward. My mother was advised to get a chihuahua that their body oils were helpful to asthma patients. You could always hear my sister breathing through the house. The first night the dog slept with her, after a while you could not hear my sister breathing. My mom panicked thinking the dog had killed her and slung the dog across the room grabbing my sister just to find she was breathing normal. Then she rushed to the dog. We always had a chihuahua till my sister got married. She still has asthma, but being a military wife and moving around could not have a dog, so she does the drugs. They don’t help her near as well as the dog did.

It’s going to be different for everyone. Different chemistries get different results, same as with drugs.

We then found some great stuff on York Talk!  Seriously!

 In our case, It was true. My son, Paul (23 now) had asthma really bad. At the age of 2, we had been to the ER 24 times in less than a year. We had the nebulizer etc. We had this fantastic specialist tell us that there is no proven data but that he has several patients that went and got Chihuahuas and noticed a significant difference in the asthma attacks. Well, let me tell you, when you watch the ER doctor inject this long needle into your baby’s chest while he has blue lips and nail beds from not being able to breathe- you will try anything. So we looked around and found this breeder and got Pablo. It was the best thing we ever did. The asthma attacks did not go away but they did lessen significantly. We let Pablo sleep with Paul. They were the best buddies. Pablo passed at the age of 15.

Pablo never got asthma…Never heard of that. The breeder we got Pablo from said it is something to do with the dander of a Chihuahua. That she had sold several pups to people looking for help like us.  So this was our experience…

So, fellow Dog Liberators, my son Ryan, has allergy and asthma.  Do I get him a Chihuahua?  Maybe I’ll foster one and see!  I’m anxious to read your comments!  Ay Chihuahua! 


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