Sugar Bug~Available!

Meet Sugar Bug, the lovable 4 year old, pure white Aussie girl! She is visually impaired and a deafie, but doesn’t let that let that stop her. She loves to chase the ball and cuddle with anyone! Her love knows no bounds and she is happiest when cuddling with someone on the couch.

Sugar Bug would be best as the only dog in a household since she wants any and all attention on her. She is a quick learner and has already picked up on several of our hand signals here at the rescue.

For more information about adopting Sugar Bug, feel free to contact us at

Jon Snow ~ Adopted!

13872592_10209054798702565_521691469_nJon Snow is a 6 month old pure bred Aussie pup who comes to us after his one special need was noticed. Jon is great at a lot of things, play, cuddles, watching out for mailmen, but he may not hear them coming because he is deaf. He doesn’t let that effect him at all.


8/12/16 Update: Jon is a lucky boy. Adopted!


11/1/2016 – Jon is back with us. He is the sweetest little guy, a total love, and is a BIG fan of cuddles and love. This love muffin is ready to find his forever home!




11/21/2016 Update: Jon has found his home with the Martin family of Deltona, Florida.  He will have 3 doggy siblings and is fitting in well!












Flynn ~ Adopted!

12144662_10153509944574792_8371856800179336767_nFlynn is coming to us to find a forever home.  He is incredibly smart and is easy to train (Who says deaf dogs don’t listen? [Read More]). Flynn is devoted and loyal and could easily be someone’s best buddy. He is also quiet and did we mention, house broken? He’s got that down pat. It’s time for Flynn to have a forever family all his own, and we are looking for just the right person for the job. Does that sound like you?

12122714_10153522800104792_1299266316807842049_nFlynn is in Deltona, FL and yes he is available for adoption! He is approximately 3 years old and 50 lbs. He is also deaf but that doesn’t hold him back in the least. Interested in becoming his family? Check out Our Adoption Process and answer the questions in email. 

Check out his Photos on Facebook!

12021946_10206737196283953_2115093453_nFlynn (aka John King) can’t wait to meet his next best friend(s)

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3/31/16 Update: Flynn was adopted by the DeRosa family of Florida! Congratulations to them all.

Sunny Boy ~ Adopted



734872_10153643252374792_1479089927578391538_n12/19/15 Update: Sunny is home with Dee Krebs in Chicago.

Dee writes: To Dana Campo. I’ve been thinking about this post for the last couple of weeks and every time I do, it brings tears to my eyes. They are tears of sorrow, but also tears of joy. When Dana passed, down in Florida, her friends’ first concern was for her deaf and blind Double Merle Australian Shepherd, Sunny Boy. I immediately offered to take him and the Deaf Dog community rallied to work on transport. However, Gisele, with The Dog Liberator took him back into their rescue where he originally came from. She had a family waiting for him. With a heavy heart, I asked that he be safe, well and happy. I prayed for Sunny and asked God to place him where he would be loved and cherished for the rest of his life. The adoptive home that was waiting for him fell through. Bless Gisele because she actually considered me. We talked for weeks. Then we went back to our Australian Shepherd friends and it took a while, but a transport was set up. So yesterday, my prayers were answered. With Sunny’s Angel watching over him, a number of fabulous people stepped in and transported him north. My deepest thanks to every single one of you!!! We didn’t make it home until 5:00 this morning, but Sunny Boy is now with me outside of Chicago. We are slowly letting him meet the rest of the pack, but things are going well. Many thanks to Gisele, Eric, Ronna, Isa, Mark and anyone else I may have missed. I truly believe that this is what Dana would have wanted and praise be to God for answering my prayers!! I promised a photo of the 2 of us and I will work on that soon. But in the mean time, Sunny Boy would like to say “Good Morning!” from chilly Chicago. – Dee Krebs


12179434_10206981478070845_1242926526_n10/25/15 Update: It is with a sad heart that we have to share that Sunny has come back to us after the tragic loss of his sweet mommy Dana… She passed suddenly and we are heartbroken for she an Sunny.

We need to take the time to thank a few people who were kind enough to help us bring Sunny back to TDL. A special thanks to  Lora Wiggington and John and Jocelyn Peddler for all you’ve done for Sunny and for us. Sunny is in foster as we determine our next steps.



Dana and Sunny

2/1/15 Update: We are happy to announce that Sunny has found his new home with Dana of south Florida! Congratulations to Sunny and Dana as they begin their new adventure together!

We even received an update already! Dana reports that Sunny is already mapping the house well. She writes “I watched him map out the layout. ….I was mesmerized. He would bump into things then turn around and start all over again until he could actually run through without bumping into anything and that was when he settled down.” And if your know the running joke in TDL about being “couch trained” or “bed trained” this part of the update will make you smile “Yes, Gisele. ….he slept in my bed with me and upon getting up this morning we went for a walk and he pooped and pee. I was such a proud mama 😉 ” Dana also reports that Sunny’s new kitty siblings are adjusting to this new member of the family, and are understandably perplexed by him.

We value transparency in rescue, which is why we loved this update so much we just had to share it. Dana writes “I was skeptical about this venture at first but now that he is home with me I feel completely different and love him totally and unconditionally. I feel so blessed, I don’t know what other words to use to describe how incredibly grateful I am.” We are so happy for Dana and so glad this match has worked out well!

12/14/14 Update: Sunny is coming back to us due to no fault of his own. Sadly his adoptive Mommy has sustained an injury which has had her in and out of the hospital and makes caring for him very difficult. It is breaking her heart, but she recognizes that it is best for them both if we find him another awesome home.

Sunny is good with small children, puppies, older dogs (pretty much dogs of all ages), and is great with meeting new people. He is deaf/blind, not demanding, and loves his crate. He would thrive with a buddy-dog who he can follow and play with!

If you are interested in Sunny, please read about our Adoption Process and then shoot us an email!

Check out his Photos on Facebook!

Funny Sunny, Deaf and Blind, has found the perfect home!

Funny Sunny, Deaf and Blind, has found the perfect home!

05/26/14 Update: Sunny was adopted yesterday by Elizabeth Spicer of the Jacksonville area. I got up this morning and put plants and furniture back – I had moved things to help Sunny not boink or trip on them. I was kind of sad, I guess I had grown accustomed to the goof ball! He brought me a lot of joy. But I also thought I would foster him for much longer. As it appears, I became aware of Sunny through Dale Parent, on April 4th, and he came to our rescue on April 11th, and he came to my home on the 14th.  Which means we only fostered him for six weeks.

Several days ago, I received an inquiry from Elizabeth, who had been interested in adopting some of our other deaf/blind dogs.  Every time she inquired, the dog had already been adopted.  Four years ago, Elizabeth rescued a ten year-old dog from the pound who was deaf/blind, and she shared that it was the best dog she ever had.

When Elizabeth mentioned that she had a 6 month-old female Lab at home… I was hooked!  Sunny still misses Phoebe!

Sunny’s meet went perfectly, he is always friendly.  She signed the adoption contract, with the caveat that Sunny would come back to me is there is any problems (but that’s standard with our contracts).  I lifted Sunny into the crate in the back of their vehicle, and he was content.

They stopped along the way home for a potty break, but amazing as it sounds, when they returned to their car, and opened the back… Sunny literally jumped right in his crate.  Huh?

Once they got home, Elizabeth wrote:  “Trip was good… we got home, allowed him to sniff around and then introduced the other dogs.  Needless to say, Sunny and Lola, our lab puppy, have been playing non-stop!  They are the same size and just rolled around and wrestled together.  I had to break them up so we could eat dinner!  LOL!  I will call you later tonight.”

Elizabeth did call me later last night.  As she explained, because she has two tiny humans (two gorgeous little blonde boys) their house is baby-proofed.  No coffee tables with sharp edges, etc.  They invited Sunny inside their living room, and Sunny used the couch as home base…. after playing with Lola, he went to the door and asked to go potty.  How could it be that he knows where the door is so quickly?  He just does!  Three times Sunny asked for the door, went outside, and wee weed!

Elizabeth has promised to continue to send us updates.  I know I sound like a broken record, but I just can’t express how wonderful these dogs really are, and I can’t express enough how quickly shelters and pounds put them down, as they are labeled un-adoptable.  I disagree.

So now I am about to press the “Update” button, and it’s okay for me to cry!  Special thanks to Jenny Elliot who helped me brain storm and find my confidence!!

Click here to See all of his photos on Facebook!

Sunny loves Rachel!

Sunny loves Rachel!

04/23/14 Update: Because of my experience with Ralph, I saw this coming. I brought Sunny (deaf/blind) home last night and gave him a little bit of time in the yard with the kids. He did great, but bumped into everything. This morning… I watched him map our yard… mowing the lawn with his nose! First, he created a triangle, and within 45 minutes he had my yard mapped out 90%. Amazing! And yes, I took video! Will be publishing shortly!

Busy learning!

Busy learning!

04/29/14 Update:  Sunny has the entire yard mapped out!  He loves meeting new people, adores being with other dogs, and loves the Friends Puppies!  He’s a very happy boy, full of joy and proud of every new accomplishment!  He has a lot of determination, and is very impatient to learn new things!  In short, he doesn’t give up until he gets it down pat!

Sunny and Ozzie

Sunny and Ozzie

05/22/14 Update:

I shared this video of Sunny and Phoebe playing Hide and Seek!

I shared this video with Sunny and Ozzie last week.  Hilarious!

Lately, Sunny wants more to do, so now he is practicing jumping over things.  I guess he wants to be an agility dog now!  I’ve posted many new photos of him on Facebook!

The morning of May 24th, I shared this video that I took very early on a Saturday morning!  The pings you hear is my phone notifying me of text messages!  My day starts early!  This video is hilarious, click here!


I'm a TDL Dog Now!!!

I’m a TDL Dog Now!!!

Sunny Boy aka Funny Boy!

Sunny Boy aka Funny Boy!

Sunny has been awesome when meeting strangers, he’s very friendly! He’s great with puppies, young children and older dogs. His joy is to run and explore. He has my yard completely mapped! He enjoys sleeping in his crate, he is quiet, and sleeps through the night. Sunny is really one of the easiest dogs I’ve fostered. He is not demanding, however, he does want his independence! There are a ton of advantages to owning a deaf/blind dog, they won’t run away, chase squirrels or cats, and they are not afraid of thunder! Sunny is easy peasy! We just uploaded more great photos of him, thanks to photographer, Dianna Noreen!
History:  Great News! Sunny is being transported from Virginia to Florida thanks to volunteer, Chuck! We can’t wait to meet him!

Deaf Dogs Hear with Their Hearts

Deaf Dogs Hear with Their Hearts

This handsome young man is about 9 months and 40lbs.  Our dream come true would be to find a special adopter around Virginia! He is looking for a forever home and is currently in Virgina near Charlottesville.  Sunny is both Deaf and Blind.  Rest assured, if you are considering adopting him, The Dog Liberator will provide you and your family with consulting, and we will help you with any questions you have regarding owning a deaf and blind dog!  Our Ralph was successfully adopted not long ago, and he is a wonderful and intelligent dog, fully trained, and loves his family, including his children!  Deaf/Blind dogs in many ways, are very easy to train.

Sunny Boy needs a home

Sunny Boy needs a home

You can see more photo of him in his photo album on Facebook.

If Sunny does not find a home in Virginia wee are asking for a virtual sponsor to help us rescue him. He also needs transport.

Transport would run from Virginia to Florida so if you or someone you know might be heading down the coast please let us know and feel free to email

John King ~ Adopted

12023173_10206737195643937_642810266_nJohn King returned to us after his new home didn’t work out. He is doing quite well in foster and is ready to find his forever home!do He is incredibly smart and is easy to train (Who says deaf dogs don’t listen? [Read More]).

John is devoted and loyal and could easily be someone’s best buddy. He is also quiet and did we mention, house broken? He’s got that down pat. It’s time for John to have a forever family all his own, and we are looking for just the right person for the job. Does that sound like you?

11999863_10206737195203926_954690376_n8/20/15 Update: John King is in Lake City, FL. He is available for adoption! He is approximately 3 years old and 50 lbs. He is also deaf but doesn’t let that hold him back in the least.

Interested in becoming his family? Check out Our Adoption Process and answer the questions in email. 

Check out his Photos on Facebook!



Past History:

John at the shelter

We had a gorgeous white Aussie and named him Anderson Cooper.  When I saw this little guy’s picture at the pound, I figured why not name him John King!  While we made a commitment to get him, his time was running out.  We are very grateful to everyone who played a part in his transport to us.  It was close!

Bath time!


This young pup is being fostered by Jen Wilson in Daytona Beach.  He is getting used to his new surroundings, and we’ll be updating his progress shortly.  You can see his photos on Facebook. 


12270098_10207127168953026_1628173245_n11/22/15 Update: John was adopted by Patricia Ann yesterday. He has a new sister, a Border Collie named Poppy! So happy for you, John!

Ralph Lauren~Adopted

stunning little man!

stunning little man!

If you are new to TDL, don’t let this be a shocker, but I am NOT a puppy person!  Yet, I am fostering this little boy!  I describe puppies are little terrorists, or little aliens!  They are a lot of work.  This little boy has been taken away from his mother and his pack.  He is quite lost, like a scared little sheep.

I’m confident that once he settles in, things will get better.  Rescued by his breeder, this little man and his sister from a former litter, Juliet, were rescued together.  Regardless of who sired this litter, he is classified as a lethal white, aka double merle.  He is completely blind and he is totally deaf.

This morning, I sent Jen a text which simply said… “help”.  She called me while on her way to work.  We all know that they call these dogs lethal whites, because they are usually put down.  Breeders can’t sell them, and shelters can’t get them adopted.  Who wants a deaf or blind dog?

You can Click Here to see all of the deaf and blind dogs we have rescued and re-homed.

Jen gave me a lot of encouragement.  She shared with me her successes with her Irwin.

Sarah takes over Ralph's care!

Sarah takes over Ralph’s care!

He is a cute little bugger!  He’s about 9 weeks old, and big for his age.  His coat is amazing, it’s like a fluffy teddy bear!

While the Leonard family came to meet Miss Priss, I had just gotten Ralph, and I picked him up and took him outside to meet them!  They marveled at his cuteness, and they just had to touch him!  He’s just a ball of fur!

Why name him Ralph Lauren?  Well, I could’ve given him a teddy bear name, he is fluffy, but he won’t be a puppy forever.  He’s stunningly handsome, and he feels good!  I think he’s going to be a very stylish and attractive little man when he grows up!

He will need a special home.  A home with another dog that would take him under his wing would be a plus.  He would probably even love to be in a cat home, cats that would surround him and love on him would be great.

He’ll need a home that will protect him and give him security.  Once he gets settled in, and transforms from puppy to adult dog, I believe he will be a best friend like no other.  Whoever adopts little Ralph will be showered with love and affection beyond what other dogs do.  Can he live a normal life?  I believe he can.  I cringe at the thought of what would happen to a dog like him if put in the wrong hands.

I want to thank his virtual foster, for giving him a chance, and giving us the means to take care of him, until we find his new home.

You can see more photos of Ralph on Facebook.

08/23/13 Update:  I’ve learned a  lot fostering Ralph.  At first, I was consumed with pity… questioning how he would learn to do things, but do things he does!  Fostering Baby Girl helped a lot.  He learned how to play and get around with her help.  Even though she was a little pest, he had a lot of fun with her!  Once Baby Girl was adopted, Ralph and China learned to play… but China moves around too fast for him.  Even Lady Di has accepted Ralph into our pack.

When Ralph meets another dog, he immediately executes a play bow.  But he’s blind… he’s never seen other dogs do that, so how did he learn it?  I guess the answer is it’s a natural response that dogs do.  So what about those hundreds of other dogs I have fostered that never gave another dog a play boy?  If this gesture is a natural response that a blind dog does, are some dogs so emotionally broken that they can’t allow themselves the freedom to express joy?

Ralph needs a dog that will play with him, without moving around a lot!  Like I mentioned, China plays but then runs off to play the “you chase me now” game.  Well… Ralph can’t see her and has no idea where she vanished to!

I have a huge water dispenser on the back porch.  I fill it full of ice when I take Ralph outside, and if he doesn’t stumble into it, I place his paw in it so he knows where he is.  Once he identifies the water bowl, he has my entire yard mapped out.  Two steps right, he is off the concrete slab and into the yard.  Seven more steps and he dodges a tree.

Just two days ago, I placed several bags of potting soil on the back porch.  At first, he stumbled over them, but after just one day, he knows exactly where they are, and he hops over them with grace.  Now THAT’s cool!

I can move chairs around without a problem, he learns.  Nothing phases him.

What I love the most about Ralph is he is not afraid, he is not broken emotionally, and he is not aggressive no matter what.    He will never fight back no matter how many times you steal his bone or bite his tail (Baby Girl).

Ralph is the most kindhearted puppy I have ever known.  I trust him with young children, cats, kittens, and other dogs.  His person, however, will have to be his protector because Ralph does not understand danger.  Other dogs could easily pick on him.

Last week, I received a phone call from a former TDL adopter that has been wanting to adopt a Lethal White for several months now.  She has watched our white Aussies enter our rescue, and watched them get adopted.  She saw Ralph pending Sponsorship, and as bad as she wanted to help Virtually Foster Ralph, she talked to her husband, and was sure she wanted to try to adopt him.

We have been talking back and forth for two weeks now, and she and her family have met Ralph.  They are in love.  But before we proceed, I believe it’s in everyone’s best interest to ask her family to foster Ralph for a while, to get to know him, and to introduce him to their pack.  Ralph is a special dog, and we need to make special accommodations for him.

Since Ralph is too young to be neutered, therefore, in a few more weeks, we will re-evaluate his new foster home and after his neuter we’ll decide if he’s a keeper!  I think he is!

Ralph met with Dr. Pinzon today, the eye specialist at Newman Veterinary Centers of Deltona.  He concurred that his eyes never developed.  He did mention that with sunlight, and proper nutrition,  he wants to see Ralph again in 12 months, to see if possibly the retina will develop on its own.  He said it was doubtful, but we can hope!

We really love Ralph.  We will continue to monitor his progress.

08/25/13 Update:  Ralph’s foster family is going to keep him!  He has been adopted by Alyse and her family.  Alyse adopted Shepherds Pie from TDL several years ago!  Ralph loves being part of their family!  You can see updates on Ralph on Facebook.


Simply Gorgeous!

Simply Gorgeous!

A local breeder sent me an urgent message on Facebook to help her with her two dogs.  One, a young female and another a baby male.  At the time, I was full, but she was patient and waited for an opening.  In the meantime, I frantically asked for sponsorship, and it didn’t take long before we had enough donations from our supporters to sponsor both dogs… thank you!

Camera Shy I only got one good photo of her face!

Camera Shy I only got one good photo of her face!

Juliet will turn One in October.  She has minor visual impairment, nothing to be concerned about.  We are still investigating whether or not she is deaf.  She is being fostered by Jen Wilson, and both Jen and Bill love her.  Juliet has been welcomed by Jen’s pack, and even little Fiona has accepted Juliet.  Juliet is very submissive, has not had an accident in the house, and to be honest, Jen can’t find anything wrong with her!

Her former owner indicated that Juliet has been bounced around from house to house.  We can’t figure out why!  You can see more photos of this dainty little girl on Facebook.

Juliet's Mother

Juliet’s Mother

While I watched her get out of Jen’s car, I kept telling myself, “she is an Aussie, she is an Aussie”, but her gracefulness screamed Saluki.  Her long dainty legs… something about her was different and I couldn’t put my finger on it… until she walked away from me!

I noticed a black spot on the back of her tail, which is dominant in the Collie breed.  I also received a photo of Juliet’s mother, and I’m confused!  While our Facebook audience went ballistic about lethal white Aussies, Juliet’s breeder insisted she did not breed two merle’s.  I’m still confused when I see this photo, because I see Collie!  If Juliet is part Collie, we’re in for a real treat.  I can’t think of a more wonderful mix than Collie/Aussie!  Only a DNA test will tell us for sure, but I don’t put much faith into those either!

Since I’ve been in rescue, you can show me all the papers and photos you want, but I see what I see.  I see Collie!  And although everything about Juliet screams Aussie, that one black spot on the back of her tail made me smile!

08/26/13 Update:  Juliet is doing very well in her foster home.  She does not cause any trouble with the other dogs, she is coming out of her shell (she was shy but not fearful) and is quite a velcro dog.  She does not have much of a vision problem at all, she can see just fine, but she is deaf.  She feels much better when she’s around other dogs, I think she would be fine with cats.  Juliet is very sweet and gentle and will make an awesome family dog!  She sees the vet this week, and will be ready for her new home!

Juliet goes home!

Juliet goes home!

09/01/13 Update:  Back in 2010, a wonderful family came to adopt Elisha. She was only six months, and today she is HUGE!  Sandi and her family, from Port Orange, met Juliet last night… and they do want to adopt her! We are thrilled! Juliet will be close by, and have the most amazing family… and her own dog to play with. Elisha is now called Zoe, and has turned out to be one heck of a soft and loving dog! Woo Hoo!

Juliet’s new name is Elleana!  She had a wonderful night, and is fitting in very well!

To get updates on her adoption, please visit her page on Facebook.


Barbara's Juliet, RIP

Barbara’s Juliet, RIP

Note:  This little girl has been named after Barbara Giacobe’s Juliet who passed away a while ago.


Pink suits her well!

Pink suits her well!

Look Mom, No Hands!

Squeeze is an eight month-old Aussie that is, for the most part, is deaf.  She has limited vision, but gets around beautifully.  She adores kids, and other dogs.  She is quiet in her crate (most deaf dogs are not) and is fairly good on leash.   Her owner in Alabama has suddenly become very ill and she could not longer care for Squeeze.  Becky Harshman asked TDL to take her in, and my immediate answer was, of course!

Squeeze is making quite an impression here… my daughter has already asked me if we can keep her… the answer is NO!  Squeeze has been an only dog, but I believe she would thrive in a pack.

On Transport to TDL!

On Transport to TDL!

I’ll be taking more photos of her shortly, and thank you to everyone who helped transport her to us, especially Katherine Miller and Zoe Rush!  She sure reminds me of Velveteen.

DSC_0029bYou can see more photos of her on Facebook.

05/26/13 Update:  Well, that didn’t take long.  My daughter and Squeeze have bonded very fast!  When Squeeze sees Sarah, she gets all excited, spins around and around, jumps up to kiss her… just like China!  The Keep word has come up a few times, and the answer is still no.  I hope someone comes to adopt this little cutie pie soon!


Squeeze goes Home!

Squeeze goes Home!

07/27/13 Update: Squeeze was adopted by the Dixon family, they had adopted Dutch from TDL back in 2010 and have been wanting another dog to keep Dutch active! So far, Squeeze is learning to play nice with their cats!

Deaf Dogs Hear with Their Hearts

New:  Now Available in EBook format!

The latest publication from The Dog Liberator is China’s Story – Deaf Dogs Hear with Their Hearts.  As all of our published books, many other rescued dogs are mentioned.  China’s story discusses many of the shy and fearful dogs we have rehabilitated, including Nutella, and shares stories about many of the deaf dogs we have rescued, like Winter.  I hope you enjoy China’s story, and I hope you share your thoughts by leaving a comment!

For more information about our Deaf Dogs, visit The Chosen Ones.

Anderson Cooper~Adopted

shelter photo

Update:  Anderson was adopted Saturday by Antonio and Sandy of Ocoee!

Jen Wilson sent me a photo of this boy, who was from Polk County Animal Services.  I called on his status, and the next day, Jen went to meet him.  We were not yet approved to pull from this shelter, but Jen had all of our paperwork ready and filled everything out quickly.  It is customary to wait a few days while paperwork is approved, but we’re grateful that the folks at Polk County AS quickly approved us!

Anderson Cooper will be seeing our vet on Tuesday.  I believe he may have been hit by a car, but x-rays will confirm that.  Bill and I discussed his age, and even though he acts like a puppy, he is probably 2-3 years of age.  He will be neutered, and his teeth will be cleaned.

very affectionate

His is heartworm negative.  We believe he is completely deaf, and his vision is not that good, but if you have met any of our white Aussies, you know that their disabilities do not stop them one bit!  He is very thin, and is probably in the 32-35 pound range now, but should be closer to 40.

Anderson is very affectionate.  He loves to be touched, and quite a velcro dog.  We are introducing him to other dogs.  At the moment, he is very unsure of himself around other dogs; this will take time, but is an easy fix.


I will update his status here as more information becomes available.  There are a ton of photos available for you to review on Facebook.

03/16/13 Foster Update:
I don’t think Anderson has ever been inside of a house but he has great potential. He has spent most of the day today finding himself, and I think for the first time ever his belly is full… And you can tell it’s the first time ever!! He is NOT food aggressive AT ALL!!! And was more then willing to allow us to stick our hands in his bowl!!

Gisele this dog has great potential!!! It’s going take some work for this dog needs to be socialized with people AND animals, AND life in general!!! But he has a good heart and he is going to make someone VERY happy SOON!! We will not give up on him Gisele, he deserves another chance!! 

bruising and scars on his nose

I believe this to be “bruising” still noticeable after his first bath.  At first we thought it was dirt. But don’t think


I spoke with Jen today on the phone, and she said every experience Anderson is having is a new one.  When she wrote, “He’s finding himself,” what she meant was it’s like watching a puppy experience everything for the first time.  He has chosen a corner in their bathroom to sleep, however, he does not lay down to sleep, he actually sleeps standing up.  This is odd!  He also enjoys looking at himself in the mirror; something he has never experienced before.  While he adores human interaction, it appears that Anderson has never really had a home.

It is unclear to me why he would have such a large bruise on his nose.  We can only speculate.  Maybe Anderson will give us more clues regarding his past in the upcoming days.

03/19/13 Foster Update:

I’m really glad that Polk County did NOT neuter Anderson, and allowed us to take him home right away.  Shelters and pounds won’t usually bathe a dog before surgery, and Anderson has had two baths.  Like I said earlier, he was stinky.  Jen and Bill also noticed that he had a lot of junk in his ears, and they are swollen.  Bill dropped Anderson off last night, and I was supposed to take him to the vet to be neutered today, but this morning, he started coughing.  This is exactly what happened to Winter.  It took two weeks for Winter to get over his cough, and it was serious.  I’m glad Winter came to us when he did, for his cough could’ve easily turned into pneumonia.

Anderson likes to know where his people are at all times.  He is showing a mild case of separation anxiety, which will diminish over time.  I am still taking him to the vet, to review his ears and his cough.

The bruise on his nose is subsiding, we believe he was attacked by another dog.

He is great in the car!  Not a peep!  There are new photos of him  on Facebook.

Dr. Oliver examined Anderson this morning.  His ears are infected, his teeth a mess, and he doesn’t want to wait for surgery.  Anderson will be cleaned up and given antibiotics right away.

He greeted everyone wonderfully at the vet.  Anderson holds no grudges against human beings.  I don’t believe he has been abused.  He’s either been a stray for a very long time, or his owner did not tend to his needs.

Anderson was quiet, well-behaved and friendly as can be, and everyone at Newman’s (Val-u-Vet) just loves him!

04/01/13 Foster Update:  Anderson, aka ACE is doing very well, playing with other dogs, and learning how to play with toys!  His coughing is behind him, and he is putting on weight.  He’s ready for his new home!

The Chosen Ones, Owning a Deaf Dog

Skate as a puppy, now Ludwig

Regardless of the dog you have today, the dog your friend or neighbor has, or the dog you may adopt tomorrow, one day you will encounter a deaf and/or blind dog.  The information in this article will help you and your dog tremendously!

Written by Christopher Chosy

My wife and I have a beautiful 2 1/2 year-old Aussie named Ludwig (though we call him Luddy) that we adopted from The Dog Liberator Rescue (Skate) when he was just a pup. Almost every time we take him out someone will stop us the conversation usually goes like this:

Person: “Your dog is beautiful what kind is she?” (they always think HE is a SHE)
Me: “HE is an Australian Shepherd”
Person: “But he is all white”
Me: “Yes he is Deaf”
Person: (Usually raising their voice or switching to a pity voice) “OH POOR THING well he is very cute”
Me: “We adopted him from a rescue The Dog Liberator they do great work.”
Person: “So you knew he was Deaf beforehand how sweet of you!”
Me: “Trust me, he chose me and I wouldn’t trade him for anything!”

This humorous conversation is played out over and over again. I don’t get upset or frustrated because I understand preconceived notions about Deaf dogs; they are similar to those about Deaf people.

My wife and I became involved through our church to work with the Deaf and hard of hearing community. At first we were apprehensive; especially me.  I had conjured what Deaf people must be like in my head before even meeting one Deaf person.

When we decided to move forward one of our instructors for ASL (American Sign Language) ended the first day with an illustration I have never forgotten. He said:

“the Deaf live their life in a box especially when they interact with the hearing world.
When they are around other Deaf persons or those in the hearing community that learn their language,
they are able to get out of the box, always let them out of the box.”


When we put our new ASL skills to practice I learned not only that my preconceived notions were off base, but they were completely wrong. Now I cherish all of my close friends who just happen to be Deaf!

Ludwig and Meja

Perhaps you feel this way about Deaf dogs.  Maybe you have preconceived notions in your head about what they must be like. Could be that you did research on the Internet or spoke to someone who told you negative things. Naturally such things would leave you feeling apprehensive and it’s okay to feel that way.  I have to tell you from experience, you are missing out on some great dogs that will give more love than you could give them, for their entire life!

What are the basic differences between a hearing dog and a Deaf dog?

Deaf dogs are not distracted by sounds.
Deaf dogs are constantly focused on your every move, thus easy to train.
Deaf dogs are not thunder-phobic!

So what is it like to have a Deaf dog?

Deaf dogs are constantly focused on you; not being able to hear, they are always  looking at you for direction; this makes them a delight to train. Our dog Luddy knows as much ASL as I do! I have lost count on how many signs he has learned. What was amazing is the number of things he does all by himself. If we open the door he will stay no matter what, he will not go through the doorway unless signed to come.  The same goes when we travel to the park; I open the car door and he will wait until he is told to come out. These aren’t things we taught him, these are things he learned on his own.

Chris and Ludwig

Luddy loves kids!  If he could be surrounded by kids at all times he would be in heaven. We have some friends with younger kids and he is very gentle; even when they pull on his tail and ears.

If we take him to the dog park, he will play, but he always keeps one eye on us. A simple wave to come and he will come running. If we play in the backyard and we walk inside he will be right next to us. They are definitely companions for life; true Velcro dogs.

Fireworks, thunder, loud noises etc. Luddy could care less; doesn’t spook him at all.

Velveteen, Adopted in 2010

He is a great guard dog, I am not a scientist, but my Deaf friends swear their sense of smell is very sensitive and heightened.  Also, they pick up on vibrations quite easily. This must be the same for Deaf dogs having a heightened sense of smell compared to other dogs. Luddy can smell someone as they walk through the doorway. The most incredible thing is when my wife or I are coming home from work.

One time he and I were in the backyard playing when he pause and bolted inside the house and stood at the side door. I looked out and didn’t see anything but about 30 seconds later my wife, driving home, was pulling onto our street.  I thought this was a coincidence until two days later the same thing happened again. How he knows is a mystery to me, but he does.

We also give him a “sign” for when someone comes to our door; that’s when he lets out his “scary bark” and runs toward the door!

Yes, Deaf dogs do bark, his normal bark is quite and high-pitched, and as I mentioned his scary bark sounds like a normal dog. Luddy can’t hear it but he knows we can.  No need to worry that Deaf dogs will leave your house unprotected; quite the opposite.

Knish, Adopted 2012

Some people will tell you not to get a Deaf dog because they will snap, there isn’t anything behaviorally or mentally wrong with them they just can’t hear. With that being said, it is cruel to sneak up behind a Deaf dog and scare them or jolt them out of their sleep. If you choose to do that to any dog you may get bit; can’t say that you don’t deserve it though.

There is so much more that I want to share with you about owning a Deaf dog.  What’s amazing is that once you own one, you will never own a hearing dog.  It’s true.  People who have owned a Deaf dog will adopt another Deaf dog!  So what are you waiting for?

Note:  The Wilson family have adopted and fostered many deaf/blind dogs, and their extended family and friends have personally adopted several.  Their first was Fiona.  After adopting Fiona, everybody wanted one!

Because of greedy and irresponsible breeders, deaf dogs are on the rise.  Breeders lie about the dog, in an effort to get rid of them, and sell them to unsuspecting dog-lovers, or they abandon them.  It is doubtful that we will ever be able to put them out of business, but with great rescues like The Dog Liberator, some of these dogs have a chance.

China and Baby Ga Ga

Deaf Dogs Hear with their Heart

So if you took the time to read this article, or if your on this website looking to adopt a dog, I ask if you see a dog that may be Deaf or vision impaired don’t look and say “oh they are cute” and pass them over. Imagine them living in a box, and your the only one who can let them out, for that I can promise, unconditional love will be yours for their entire lifetime.

Please let them out of the box.  ~ Christopher Chosy

Click Here for our Latest Book, about rescuing Deaf Dogs.


Everybody Lies

Several months ago, I went to a dog show in DeLand.  All of the dogs there were AKC registered purebreds.  A woman had two collies, and was ready to “show” one.  Asking a friend if she could hold the leash of her female, I volunteered.  Before she went into the ring with her male Collie, she warned me that her female was “in season” and to watch her carefully.  I just smiled.  My girls, Sarah and Danielle joined me (only 9 years old) and they bent down to pet this little Collie girl I was holding.  Sarah looked up at me and said, “Mom, she has China eyes.”  I smiled at her, because I knew that dog was blind.  I could also tell the dog was deaf.  When the owner returned, she thanked me for my help, and you know I had to be me!

“You have had her eyes looked at right, and her hearing checked, right?”  I asked her.  I kid you not, the woman backed away from me in total terror.  It was as if I had sprayed her with mace.  She knew, that I knew.  And I knew, that she knew.  She scrambled for words, looked down at the ground for a moment and said, “Oh, my vet has checked her out, there’s nothing wrong with her,” then she vanished.

Do I care that she is competing with a deaf/blind collie?  No!  Do I care that she is breeding her?  Seriously?  Do I really need to even answer that question?  Seriously?

Sassafras, Adopted 2010

When Miss Fritzi wanted to adopt Sassafras from us, we were shocked.  She was in Connecticut, why would she want to adopt a Deaf Old English Sheepdog from Florida?  Because she did!  She had deaf OES before, and the woman knew what she wanted.  We didn’t argue!  After talking with Fritzi over the phone, she explained to me that she had purebred Old English Sheepdogs, and she entered them into competitions, they won quite often, but no one knew that there were deaf.  She explained that deaf dogs could not enter agility competitions.  “I will not drink the Kool Aide,” she told me.  “I entered my dogs in competitions, I just never told anyone, and I certainly didn’t breed them.  No one knew my dog was deaf.  I didn’t tell anyone until after she passed away.”


Don’t Love Me Just Because I’m Beautiful!

China and Sarah


Last week, after we enjoyed ourselves at the DeLand parade.  Brittney Myers and my daughter, Sarah took turns holding China the leash.  China was stunning, dressed in pink!  Many people asked if they could pet her, and of course the answer is yes.  They would bend down, rub her little head and talk sweet to her.

“Oh how sweet, are you a good girl?  Would you like a cookie?”  All the while China is focused on her handler, not on the stranger.

“She can’t hear you, she’s deaf,” we explain.  The admirer then gets confused, and wonders how they couldn’t tell.  “She’s the most highly trained dog here, but she can’t hear you.”  So it appears that Chris experiences the same reactions in public with Luddy, as we do when we are out with China!

Kiss, Adopted 2010

After the parade, we went to DeLand Skydive for a bite.  I noticed through the smoked glass of the restaurant, a puppy outside.  I saw it from that distance, the pup had a China eye; meaning it was blind.  I approached the man, and politely asked if I could look at his pup.  He agreed.  The pup wouldn’t sit still, but when I finally got to look at his eyes, I was right, his left eye was blind.  Again, the girls, Sarah and Danielle came over to pet the puppy.  Once again, Sarah looked up at me and said, “Again Mommy?”

Yes my dear Sarah, again!



I informed the young man very politely that his dog was blind in one eye.  He was devastated.  He shared that he had just purchased the pup, for a large sum of money.  I told him the pup was lucky that he bought him.  I told him not to be concerned, the blindness matters not.  I did tell him to train the pup from the right side, and not to let anyone, especially children spook the pup from his left side.  He told me he had taken the pup to the Vet, and that this can not be.  Once again, the man quickly left.

Maybe I should learn to be quiet?  If I do, this pup like many deaf and blind dogs, might be punished unfairly (many deaf/blind dogs are abused).  Can I prove this?  Of course I can!  China was severely abused, by a mom who didn’t know she was deaf.  China was beaten, and it took me over six weeks for her to even allow me to touch her.

Hey Mister!  Your dog isn’t stupid, your dog isn’t ignoring you; your dog is deaf!

Bill Wilson and Fiona, Adopted 2011


So this begs the question of the day… to Veterinarians know but don’t tell?  Do they not see it?  Do they turn a blind eye to the condition (pardon the pun).  This begs the question, why is it when I walk into my Vet’s office, they can see it from down the hall!  They know I have just brought in a deaf/blind dog!

“Where do you find these dogs?” Dr. Pinzon, who is a vision specialist, asked me last year.
“I don’t find them, they find me!”  I answered.

Note to Self

I can tell you that it was my Aunt who told me that my three year-old Sheltie, Mischief was blind.  I didn’t believe her.  Mischief never missed a thing.  My Aunt insisted, and I was floored.  I took Mischief to the vet, and my Aunt was right, she was completely blind.  Mischief had a great life, and lived to be 12 until seizures took her life.  Her blindness never stopped her!

Full Disclosure

Jalo now Gigi with Mary

We don’t always go out of way to rescue deaf and blind dogs!  Just a few months ago, Jalo was pulled from Miami-Dade and her owner, Mary, discovered she’s deaf.  I took Baileys in from his owner, who didn’t know he is completely blind in one eye, and has poor sight in the other.  What’s important to understand is no one is complaining!  In none of these adoption photos are the adopters disappointed in anyway!  These are all really awesome dogs!



More than Just Great Dogs

Falcor, adopted 2011

I hope that we continue to share our experiences with deaf and/or blind dogs.  They are truly amazing.  As I was reading what Chris wrote for this post, I couldn’t help but smile.  Everything he said about what Luddy does, is what China does!  China is the first to bark at the door at strangers.  Why?  I think my dogs hear the car’s engine, they recognize the sound of that car door, they know those footsteps, and they simply just lift their head up.  They do not run to the door, because they know who it is!  China, however, doesn’t know who it is.  A stranger is a stranger, and someone is that the door!  She runs and barks ferociously, protecting her home.  She doesn’t recognize me through the glass, my other dogs do.  She doesn’t stop barking until she can smell us.  She is an awesome watch dog!

With regard to their clairvoyance, China lays by the front door 15 minutes before I pick Sarah up from school; 1:45 every day.  Prior to 1:45, China sleeps on a comfy bed or the couch.    On Wednesdays, however, she lays by the front door at 12:45 for early release!  She does this so she doesn’t miss Sarah’s return, for if she sleeps somewhere else, she will not feel the door open!

Jen and Fiona

Not all Deaf dogs are Blind.  Not all White Dogs are Blind or Deaf.  We do not believe that Dundee, aka Chance is deaf or blind, yet he is a solid white Aussie.  If he is, he shows no signs!  Not all Blue-eyed dogs are Blind!  Not all Deaf dogs are visually impaired!  I agreed to rescue China’s Twin, Lilly, because I was convinced she was deaf and/or blind.  She isn’t!  She isn’t!


Winter, abandoned and forgotten


Today, I am fostering Winter.  He is a stunning dog, and I believe that after just one day, I have found his new home.  The Dog Liberator has followers that will trip over themselves just to adopt one of our Deaf dogs.  Why?  Well, the proof is right here on this page, isn’t it?  They are a lot like Potato Chips, you can’t have just one!

Click here to read more about our Deaf/Blind Dogs.  While you will notice that most of these dogs are breed for looks, they are adopted because of their incredible intelligence and intense love!

You can also visit

Help us Rescue and Save the Life of a Deaf Dog Today!

Help us Rescue and Save the Life of a Deaf Dog Today!


Winter, now Rider

02/26/13 Dale Writes: Yea, so… cool is it that after only a week & a 1/2 Rider has learned my work schedule and is waiting out by the gate every day when I turn up, the driveway. Okay, now here’s the downside – cute but downside = It appears that when he comes out to sit & wait for me, he doesn’t care that it’s POURING DOWN RAIN !!! Yep, there sat my dedicated son, just as happy & excited to see me……soaking wet but he didn’t care – Daddy was home !

Winter has a home of his own!

02/16/13:  Winter joined us in DeLand.  Visit White Dog Day and see more photos and video of him at the dog park!

02/08/13:  Winter has been adopted by Dale and Brenda, and living in DeLand with Dales pack!  Can’t wait for updates!

02/14/13:  Winter got a bath yesterday!  Doesn’t he look awesome!  You can continue to see updated photos of Winter on Facebook.

all clean and white!

02/05/13 Foster Update:  Winter is wonderful.  He has the self-confidence he needs, he is playing like a maniac (thanks to Digit) and is just a very good boy!  He’s great with kids, unsure about cats, and loves dogs… all dogs!  He, like China, has incredible recall (most deaf dogs do).

Here’s his latest video.


Winter, Scared at the Shelter

Dave told me yesterday there was a white Aussie boy in Seminole County’s Animal Control.  I got in touch with Kim Litz, Aussie rescuer, and offered to take him.  She sent me a few photos of him, and said he was a good boy.  He reminded me of Dundee (Chance) who was adopted by the Wilson family.  He looked familiar to me, as if he and Dundee might be related.

They estimate he might be four years old, but today we wondered if he was two.  Who knows, he might even be older, I’ll let Dr. Oliver decide.  He’s also heartworm negative!  Whew!

Judging by his dirty feet, he’s been on his own for a while.  Rumors have it a local farmer was looking for an un-socialized dog to work with his cattle, so he bought this dog from a breeder.  Woops!  I don’t think he meant to buy a totally deaf and visually impaired dog.  Well, obviously it didn’t work out!  I was also told that this boy has been a stray for a month or so.  Seems like animal control has been getting calls from people who have spotted him.  I don’t know if any of these facts are accurate or not, so if I hear something different, I’ll update it here!

I had a choice to get him neutered at the county, or just pull him right away.  I figured I had a appointment already, and I really wanted to meet him first, so I opted to proceed with my plan… off to Val-U-Vet.

When he walked in the door, the staff at Val-U-Vet popped their heads up, and were curious about this slow moving Aussie.  One by one, the ladies joined me in the main lobby, and we sat on the ground evaluating him.  It was really cool, because first Serena came out, and evaluated the condition of his coat.   His coat is dry, and full of sand.  It didn’t take long before several of the staff were interacting with the dog.  We did a rough test of his eyes, they both blink!  But we don’t think he can hear… at all!

He wasn’t afraid of us, but he was cautious, and he was a bit confused; unsure of his surroundings, which I would expect.  What we did notice is he did not want to left alone.  He followed whoever moved, and when he couldn’t find a human, he hugged the wall.  I video taped it to share with you, even though I know that this video may decrease his chances for adoption.  After all, it shows him being unsure and lacking confidence.  But that’s okay, I’ll also be sharing video of him a few days and weeks from now, which I’m sure will be totally different!

By the way I’d like to apologize, because I’m typing this so fast, not taking the time to proofread!

Kim recently wrote:  Evaluated this 3 yr old male and what a sweet thing! He was good with the two dogs he interacted with, an older male corgi mix who kept trying to get him to play and then wanted to hump him, it didn’t bother him, he just sat down. He also was fine with the young Catahoula mix girl who sniffed him all over (she is disabled so not able to run around). He just sniffed the cat and didn’t really pay her much attention after that (she hissed at him but of course he couldn’t hear that). He is deaf and does have some limited sight although when I dropped the leash he could follow me around and did so several times. He was quiet, I went slowly at first as not to startle him. I really liked this boy, he was sweet and gentle, no jumping. He let me look at his teeth, his ears, his toes and touch him all over.

I shared with the staff at Val-U-Vet my name ideas for the gentle boy.  You see, on the way to meet Kim, I had a bunch of names in my head!  I had emailed a few people today asking for name ideas.  Here’s was my list!

If he was lovey dovey I was going to name him Diamond Dave.

If he was regal and sophisticated I was going to name him Elton.

My son, Ryan first wanted to name him Chrome.  I saved that name in case he was playful.

Then, I thought if he’s super smart, I’d name him Anderson Cooper.

But none of those names will do.

My son begged me to name him Winter.  He said there was a song that he loves, called The Sound of Winter.  While the five of us standing in a circle, surrounding the dog took a vote, and we all voted unanimously; Winter.

Not scared, but unsure and confused

He’s staying at Val-U-Vet tonight.  Tomorrow morning he will be lovingly groomed by Serena.  She will make him so white I’ll need sunglasses!  Also tomorrow his vision will be evaluated by Dr. Pinzon.  On Friday, he will be neutered.  I suspect that by the time I see him again, he’ll be a different dog!

I’ve asked the Wilson family to foster him for me, but whether he stays with me or stays with the Wilsons, he will get the best of care, and he will be introduced to play.  We will work on trust, and expose him to new things, and hopefully increase his self-esteem.

One thing is obvious, Winter is a velcro dog.  He needs the closeness of a human.  And please don’t tell me that deaf dogs don’t make good guard dogs, because it’s my China that’s the first to bark at a stranger (ferociously I might add).  I think because Ozzie and Lady Di can actually hear the intruder, or maybe they can see the intruder from the window, they don’t even bother to get up!  Because China can’t hear them, or see them very well, everyone is a stranger to her, until she can smell them, and until that happens, she guards her castle!

I’ll be anxious to update Winter’s page, I’m confident that we can help him, and I’m confident he will find the perfect home.  Thank you Kim!  I’m also glad that I made the decision to keep my appointment.  I know that at night, when the crowds leave, the folks at Val-U-Vet really interact with my dogs!  You can see more photos of him on Facebook.

I was getting ready to publish this post, and when I looked on Facebook, Kathy K. left a comment:
Kathy K:  If so, I am so thankful. I have seen him late at night on my way home from work and tried to catch several times. Took food I left once but other times just ran. Followed him once during the day for about an hour until he ran into the woods. No one seemed to know where he came from but talked to several people that tried to catch him. If not, still glad another baby has been saved.

So it’s true, it takes a village.

Dusty and Lilly

Update:  Winter’s veterinary care has been sponsored by Dusty, who adopted China’s Twin, Lilly!  Woo Hoo for Winter!  He’s getting the full spa treatment today, bath, ears, nails blow-dry and comb out!  Tomorrow he gets neutered.  Thank you Dusty!

Winter Comes Home

01/31/13:  Winter will not get a bath today, and his surgery has been cancelled. He is having an upper respiratory infection.  Some vitamins, antibiotics and cough medicine are in order. I’m picking him up shortly and he’ll chill out and relax for a few days before we reschedule!

I brought Winter home.  He does have a pretty hefty cough, and I’m glad he was not neutered yesterday by Animal Control.  My vet said he wouldn’t really eat, so I popped open a can of Andi’s chicken stew… he gobbled it!  I’ve taken him outside, he’s very needy, and starting to show affection.  He follows me around everywhere, like I’m his security blanket.

Winter is a love

I picked up the girls from school, and we took Winter outside to introduce him to the yard.  He is shy at first, but once he gets a chance to smell you, and knows that you mean him no harm, he warms up VERY quickly, giving kisses and wanting to hug.  You can see more photos of him on Facebook. 

02/01/13:  Winter is doing well, very well!  He’s eating good, so I’m not concerned, but his cough is bad.  He is starting to play, and he barks for attention!  What a great sign!  He is very affectionate, and he licks my feet just to tell me he likes me!  I will share more very soon!


Winter is Comfortable in Foster Care

02/03/13:  Winter’s cough is almost completely gone.  He loves to run with the pack, and is very playful.  He does not try to escape from the yard; so why was he on the run on his own for so long?  Maybe a female in heat caused him to leave the safety of his home?  Maybe he was dumped.  Winter is great in his crate, and barks occasionally to check if we’re hear!  I’ve been leaving the light on for him at night; it helped!  He is great with the kids and is gaining a lot of self-confidence.

We have many new photos of him on Facebook.



Flash Back:  It’s February 11, 2013 and I’m just going through all of my old messages.  I re-read Kathy’s comments on Winter’s photo album on Facebook, when it dawned on me.  Last November, she sent me a private message:

November 30, 2012: Not sure that you can help but maybe you have heard if someone is missing this dog. I saw a white with small gray markings and very light blue eyes, Australian Shepherd running loose in the Longwood area. He/she was running on Rangeline road and then onto Church Ave. He/she is very dirty. Does not seem aggressive but would not come to me. I followed it for a ways with food and it would just cross the road and kept running. It was running in traffic. Several of us tried to catch it to no avail. I followed it to the woody area by Pet Country ( a boarding place on Church). I asked if they were missing a dog and they said that it had been running for about 4 days and that no one has been able to catch it. I then spoke to another lady walking a dog and she said the same thing. I checked with the Vet I take my kitties to and they did not know of anyone missing a dog. I now have to go to work and sadly I don’t live in the area the dog is running in or I would leave food out. It is a dirty beauty and i am so scared it will get hit. I will look for it again tomorrow. Please let me know if you have heard of anyone missing such dog. Thank you for your time. Kathy


Not knowing if the dog was a male or a female, I wrote her back, giving her some advice:  Keep looking! If you see her, sit on the ground, and turn your back on her, avoiding eye contact. Extend your hand out, and see if she’ll come to you. If she’s scared, she will approach from the back or the side. Bring food. Bring a braided slip leash, it’ll take time.  You can call my cell if you need me.   Also, she may have puppies so check her belly if you can. If she’s nursing, you can not remove her.

Now it all makes sense, why Kathy was so excited when we got Winter.  I have chills!


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This is a stunning lethal white Aussie female that was rescued from Georgia and is being fostered by the Baxleys.  She is 3-4 years of age, very intelligent, easy to train and loving.  Diva reminds me a lot of China.  I had the opportunity to personally meet Diva while visiting Hall County Animal Services.  I’m really glad that my daughter Sarah wasn’t with us, or Diva would’ve come home with us.

You should all know by now how much I love these dogs!

When I was in my early twenties, I had a little dog named Mischief, she was a sheltie mix.  My Aunt had come over to visit me, and after a quick look at my dog, she asked me if I knew that my Mischief was blind.  “She is NOT blind!”  I insisted.  My Aunt assured me that she was.  I took her to my local vet, and then to a vision expert and it was true… she was blind but I didn’t know it.  How could that be?  Because Mischief did not act impaired in any way.  She lived for many years, and dozens of people that came to visit could not believe she was blind.  When I met Diva, everyone confirmed that she was not deaf, and has no vision problems whatsoever.  I’m not a vet, and she has not been examined by a specialist, but I can tell you that these dogs are so darn smart, they don’t need their vision or their hearing.  These dogs are the brainiacs of the herding breed!  I have three in my pack, a Collie, a Border Collie, and a deaf/blind Aussie.  It’s the Aussie that’s the most well-trained, intuitive and obedient!  That’s a fact!

See more of photos of Diva on Facebook.

Update:  Diva has been adopted, we will have updates shortly!

Here are other Deaf and/or Blind dogs that have been rescued and adopted by TDL.


Much to the surprise of many people, we do not use an adoption application but rely instead upon an interview process. Because we are a small rescue and keep all of our dogs in foster homes, we shy away from forms that tend to emphasis why someone should not have a dog. The interview process allows us to learn more about our potential adopters and their individual situations, concerns, pros and cons. By knowing more details, we are able to place dogs into homes that other rescues might turn down, because we already know our dogs. We’re small so we don’t need blanket policies that require fences or disallow families with small children or won’t allow senior citizens. We’re focused on bringing together caring people with the right dog.

Whether you are considering an adult dog or a puppy, the first thing you should do is read our article on Starting Your Dog Out Right.  Here you will find not only some good tips but some thoughts to ponder before committing to the responsibilities of caring for a dog.

If you are interested in meeting one of our dogs or learning more about it, please e-mail us at and let’s get the process going! Share such information

  • as where you live,
  • your household composition,
  • your yard/fence/exercise plan,
  • pets you have and/or had,
  • your normal work schedule,
  • how much time the dog will be alone,
  • what you are looking for in a dog,
  • do you own a pool,
  • what contingency plans do you have in place should you no longer be able to care for your dog,
  • if you rent, do you have landlord approval,
  • are you prepared to bring your new dog home if you are approved after you meet one of our dogs?

And then we’ll go from there!  The more you share the better!


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