The Check’s In the Mail

Gisele and China

Effective immediately, The Dog Liberator will no longer use Rally Piryx for online fundraising.  After trying to contact the company, we have realized there is no live human being there to even take our calls.  We have sent emails asking to engage in a conversation to review our account.

There are several donations sitting in The Dog Liberator’s account that have not been transferred to our Veterinary Care fund.  We await word from Rally Piryx to learn how they will proceed.  To date, our donations have taken up to 12 days to be processed and transferred.  Considering we have been working with PayPal for over three years, we will continue to work with PayPal in the future.  While Rally Piryx had some cool features and Facebook apps, those are things that our dogs do not care about.    Thank you for your support.

Gisele Veilleux
The Dog Liberator


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