Titus, Achtung Baby! ~ Adopted!

what a gem!

what a gem!

Wow!  Titus is a five month old German Shepherd Dog.  He is currently at the vet being evaluated, and is very underweight.  Chicken stew and de-worming will take care of that quick!  Everyone loves him!  We will be uploading new photos of him on Facebook shortly.

In the right environment, a good trainer could take a dog like this and within just a few short weeks transform it into a certified service dog. Combine the training with an incredible bond that dogs like these create with their owners, and you’ve got yourself a winner!

Achtung Baby!

Achtung Baby!

If you know of someone who has been on a waiting list for a PTSD Service Dog, consider adopting a dog like Titus, and hiring a trainer to get the dog quickly certified.  Those of us who live in the Central Florida area are very lucky to be surrounded by great trainers!


11/27/14 Update: Titus was adopted today by Susan of  Maitland, Fl. Happy Thanksgiving to Titus and his new family!

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