Wiki Wiki, the Small Tri-Adopted!

WikiWiki is a 21-pound, one year old Aussie female. That’s strange, she looks Border Collie to me! She’s on her way to Border Collie Boot Camp, and more news regarding her temperament will be coming soon!

Wiki has her own photo album on Facebook!

After reviewing the information provided by Aussie rescue, regarding Wiki’s personality, I must strongly suggest that she is a Border Collie. This girl is a very high-drive girl, with strong herding instinct. She is said to be great with children, and other dogs, not food-aggressive, but does guard her toys. She is described as a velcro dog with adults. She has been exposed to horses, and herdered them gracefully. This is one special dog. I’ll receive Andrea’s assessment on Wiki and post it here shortly.

Wiki was adopted by her new Dad, James, and she has a great little playmate, Dexter, ironically, they look like litter mates!

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