Ziggy Marley~Adopted

Ziggy’s trip to freedom!

Ziggy is almost two years old.  He is very shy and unsure of himself.  He’s had all of his shots, and has been neutered.  Allegedly, a professional handler, from Kentucky, gave him away to a man.  Due to foreclosure, he was surrendered to the pound.  Special thanks to Kelle Brooks who fostered and transported him for us, and Marilu Lippert the Animal Care Manger from Suncoast Humane Society.  Marilu wrote:

We have a border collie in the shelter that I am hoping to place into rescue.  His name is Ziggy. A black and white 1 year old unaltered male. The owner surrendered him because he is losing his house, he is devastated for having to give him up. The dog was very bonded to him and he is extremely frightened here.  The owner supplied us with the vet records and a detailed description of his personality. 

He is stunningly gorgeous, and I will be evaluating his temperament over the next few days… Please visit again for more details!

Ziggy, such a handsome boy!

His photo album is on Facebook.

If you are interested in meeting her, please email TheDogLiberator@gmail.com
and share such information as:

where you live,

your household composition,

your yard/fence/exercise plan,

pets you have and/or had,

Ziggy, what a face!

your normal work schedule,

how much time the dog will be alone,

what you are looking for in a dog,

do you have a pool

what contingency plans do you have in place should you no longer be able to care for your dog,

if you rent, do you have landlord approval,

and are you prepared to bring your new dog home if you are approved during your meet?

have you or anyone in your family ever been bitten or traumatized by a dog in the past?

Ziggy by BrittneysTouch.com

also, provide us with your phone number, home address, including county and zip code

and then we’ll go from there! The more you share the better!

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