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The Dog Liberator rescues abandoned dogs throughout the Southeast. Based in Central Florida, this non-profit organization fosters all of their dogs in a home environment. Founded in 2009, all dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered prior to adoption. The Dog Liberator focuses in rescuing the herding breed, which consists of Border Collies, Shepherds, Sheepdogs, Aussies, Collies, and Deaf/Blind Dogs.

A Girl Named Charlie ~ Adopted

Holly’s update on Charlie:

Charlie is a lovely 3-year-old female border collie who came to us from a Georgia shelter. Her story says it all….

She was brought to the county pound by her 16-year-old owner. This young man stood there sobbing as he turned over the dog that he had raised since a puppy. He told the empolyees that Charlie had killed a chicken and, even though this was the first time it had happened, his parents said she had to go and that he had to take her to the pound. The employees shared his sense of despair and promised to do all they could to find Charlie a home. Unfortunately, this was a small, over-run and under-funded shelter, and they knew she had little chance. And the more they got to know her, the more creative they became. They pretty much “hid” her through two cycles of euthanasia, when her time was up and she should have been put to sleep. But time was up.

They contacted Brandy who contacted us. Could we take her? Unfortunately, Gisele was out of reach for a few days and I knew that she was trying to pull down the number of dogs in our rescue so she could take some time off in August. But the story of Charlie and her beautiful eyes…. I told Brandy that if someone could foster her for a couple of weeks, we could take her if no one else would. That was in the morning. I didn’t check my e-mail again until late afternoon. When I did, there was another message from Brandy: “I have a foster. Will you take her? She is supposed to be put down today. The shelter closes at 4:30pm.” I looked at my clock. It was 4:35! “Go get her! We’ll take her!” And then I held my breath, not knowing if we were too late.

Silly me! Never underestimate Brandy. The next thing I know, I’m getting an e-mail from Charlie’s temporary foster:

“Charlie is recovering well today. I let her out into the backyard to play with my dog Atila and she gets along great with him. She is definatley a house dog, that’s where she likes to stay! She has eaten A LOT today and she shares food and doesn’t growl or anything. Last night she stayed right under my feet most of the time, that’s why I don’t have a full body shot photo of her, she is always too close to get one. She likes to hold your hand and shake hands. My son was whining in his sleep with a bad dream and she went into his room to check on him, when I got in there she was sniffing his head, that was definately sweet! She is great with a large family or children, I have five people in my household and it didn’t bother her a bit. She is exremely loving, she loves affection as well. She is going to make someone a great companion 🙂 thanks, Alissa”

I gotta tell ya, sometimes rescue can be really stressful. Oh, alright, it’s always stressful, but sometimes it is more so!

A couple of weeks later Charlie was in a car headed down to Jesse, one of our wonderful fosters. We like to “use” Jesse as a temporary foster to help us access or adjust dogs because he is amazing! He is the founder of Sit and Stay, the Villages Doggie Daycare. No one can help a dog rediscover its inner puppy faster and more effectively than Jesse!

After a few days with Jesse, Charlie was picked up by Amy, another wonderful volunteer, and brought the rest of the way of her journey. Well, not quite. She is still anxiously looking forward to that final leg, the one that will find her safe and sound in her forever home!

Updated photos are on The Dog Liberator Face Book page,

Charlie is a female Border Collie, approximately 3 years old. She comes to us thanks to Brandy Carder who volunteers for the Athens, AL shelter. We’ve rescued many dogs from this shelter, and they have all proved to be outstanding dogs.

Charlie has such a unique look, her eyes are amazing. Brandy was kind enough to have Charlie fostered for me while I made space for her. She is scheduled to arrive here on August 7th, where a host of volunteers are not only responsible for getting her from Alabama to Florida, but also transport her to her temporary foster, Jesse Moranti and Sit and Stay. Special thanks to her Alabama Foster Alisa, Brandy, Becky, Christina, our new transporter Tom Mueller, and Jesse of course.

You can admire more photos of this golden-eyed girl on her photo album.

August 20 Update:

Charlie has been adopted and we couldn’t be happier! All the dogs in the house welcomed her except the Shepherd ~ he had his reservations. But then…. well, read this e-mail update:

Hi Giselle.

I took Charlie to work with me today to see my vet. Other than a skin infection, she got a clean bill of health! We took them for a long walk yesterday which worked wonders. My shepard is territorial here at home but once I got him out of the property he does not act that way. We walked them together until they were really tired. When he got home he was a different dog. I haven’t had to separate them since! They played outside together today with the ball. I think they will get along fine. I’m so glad we got this beautiful girl. It makes me feel so good that we could help a dog that needed a home. Something good out of our Maggie’s tragedy feels great. Is there any way that the young man that owned him could know that she was adopted by people that absolutely love her? That would make me feel so good. I promise I’ll send you a picture soon. I worked till 6:30pm today and I haven’t had the chance. I’m kind of computer illiterate and need my son to help me. Thanks again for Charlie and all the other wonderful dogs you save. She is a gem!


Sept 10 Update

Hi! Just wanted you to know we are absolutely thrilled with Charlie! She has adjusted very well to the other dogs, even our shepherd. She plays more with him than all the other dogs! She is so sweet, always next to me when I am home. She always “smiles” at my husband when he gets home from work. She was quite shy at first, hanging out in the family room a lot, but not anymore. She goes where the action is. I can tell she is comfortable and happy. She is eating very well. Today she met our neighbor’s dog, a golden retriever and played a lot with him. He comes over a lot because he is the only dog at his home and loves to play with ours. They are actually looking to possibly get another dog, she is still trying to convince her husband. We told her to go on your website so she could see all the beautiful dogs you have for adoption. I hope she does. Thank you so much for Charlie. I get so sad when I think of all the dogs that need homes and the ones that get put to sleep needlessly. Your website made me more aware of that than ever before. It’s such a sad and ugly truth. I’m so thankful for the people like you that save them. I will keep you updated.

November 28, 2010 Update:
Hi! Charlie is doing very well. She has gained weight and gotten more
muscular, can’t feel her ribs no more! Her coat is shiny and she looks
great. She loves to play with Nemo our shepherd, they have really
bonded. She loves playing outside with balls and frisbees, loves car
rides, and her favorite thing is taking afternoon rides on our golf
cart all over the neighborhood. I wouldn’t call her the alpha dog in
our home, but she definitely puts everyone in their place. She
doesn’t like other dogs around her when she is getting attention, so
she stares and growls at them in true border collie fashion. She also
loves to herd the horses, which scared me at first, but she’s really
smart about it and way faster than they are. Although she’s new to
our family, now it feels like she’s always been here. We love our
beautiful girl! She took some pictures today just for you.

One thought on “A Girl Named Charlie ~ Adopted

  1. Charlie, Charlie, Charlie…I like chicken too!!!! One thing I can add is that she smiles, and gets embarassed at the same time so you can't see it.

    She's a tall lean girl with that BC glide when she runs; poetry in motion! She's mellow indoors, but let her outside, and she's ready to rock.

    I'll continue, to foster, and work with her, but she's ready for adoption with few issues, unless you place more value on your chickens!

    PS: she's fine with the kitten.

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