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The Dog Liberator rescues abandoned dogs throughout the Southeast. Based in Central Florida, this non-profit organization fosters all of their dogs in a home environment. Founded in 2009, all dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered prior to adoption. The Dog Liberator focuses in rescuing the herding breed, which consists of Border Collies, Shepherds, Sheepdogs, Aussies, Collies, and Deaf/Blind Dogs.

Amazing Grace ~ Adopted

Amazing Grace ~ Adopted

little Amazing Grace
Grace was labeled as an Aussie at a local shelter.  She arrived there pregnant and lactating, but her pups were aborted.  You can read the entire story on a separate post about Euthanasia and Abortion in Shelters.   Estimated to be about one-year-old, she is a beautiful dog, as you can see in her extensive photo album.

If you think you might be interested in adopting Grace, please read our Dog Tips, then review our Adoption Process and e-mail

Lynne Deal is fostering Grace in Clearwater, and here’s her first update!

05/27/11 Update: HA!  I just witnessed a play bow from Grace!  Jetta’s happy go lucky demeanor and urging to play made Grace just consent to “PLAY” instead of following me like a shadow.  She is responding to Gracie, so her real name may have had an -eeeeee on the end.  She paces and follows and is in fear of you leaving.  I had to go in and out the door a lot yesterday to reassure her that I was coming back.

This dog was a pet, she is clean, has shinny fur, no overgrown toenails, and she has no odor.  She is very friendly to every human she meets man or woman.  She is not food aggressive to my hand while eating and was VERY VERY excited when I opened a treat bag but sadly they weren’t the treats she liked!  I felt bad so I tried several kinds and nada, she didn’t like any! She finally ate an old mother hubbard biscuit, but i think I disappointed her in my choices!  Poor dog!  LOL!

She has tried to chew a rawhide bone but is not interested in the dry marrow bones.  She isn’t interested in dry food but wolfed down some cans of Castor and Pollux ORGANIX food!  She guards her “blanket” from the other dogs, until this morning when she let Chelsea lay on it and stopped grrrrrr-iing.  I was giving corrections every time she guarded me or her bed.  I think she could still be nesting, she is filled with milk after all and we all know hormones!  She is starting bit by bit to understand my pack, so I am assuming she didnt live with other dogs.  She is not aggressive to them just growly.  She ignores my cats.

Again, I’m sure she was someone’s loving pet and I wonder since they only gave her a 3 day hold to kill her pups instead of a 5 day hold to prevent her owner to find her.

Trained and Loving

I believe her to be a border collie, she is slim with long legs not like a squat and thicker aussie. I think they just called her that because of her color. There are red border collies!  She is very people oriented and likes to please, already!  She likes to just hang with you, walk with you, sit with you, but she keeps going to the leash like she wants to go home. I hope I can reassure her good days are coming and home will soon be found.   We just went outside again and every time I take her out she pees!  I’m thrilled that she is fully housetrained!  She just came back in with me I left the other dogs outside and I picked up the bone and handed it to.  With a skip in her step, she just ran the down the hall to the computer room and went to  her spot on her blanket!   This dog will be awesome! ~ Lynne


06/19/11 Update:  Grace was adopted by Mark Dennis yesterday!  Updates coming soon!

2 thoughts on “Amazing Grace ~ Adopted

  1. My two weeks with Gracie!
    This dog has gone from an insecure scared dog into a wonderful companion. I’m sure she was before her ordeal but her circumstances had so freaked her out, it’s understandable she lost her faith.
    She was picked up by animal control in Tampa and the day we went to the vet to get her stitches out, I saw that with my own two eyes. She was in the SUV happily looking out the back window, when we slowed to a light. A plain white paneled truck pulled up next to us and she went into a cower and started to SHAKE, it was such a fearful shaking , it was obvious from the drivers seat. I went Omigosh, Gracie, it’s okay ,you are okay and after the truck passed she calmed again. WOW, was that evidence of what her story was… ……She was taken by a truck, away from her home, into a cage and operated on by strangers who stole the life of her pups and caged up lonely and missing her people….this is very sad to me.
    But proof that dogs dont have regret and live in the moment, she has gone from a dog who cant let you out of her sight, into a happy go lucky girl that enjoys the mornings in the yard with the pack, the cats, the sounds of the birds singing and without me by her side every second.
    I slip into the house to watch her joyfully play with my dogs, prancing and smelling and chasing and as Gisele would say…finding her joy!
    I dont let her up on the bed because that would not be proper pack placement as she is lower on the totem pole, so to speak. She sleeps next to the bed on a soft blanket.
    This morning was different, she JUMPED up and layed on me giving me kisses and kisses until I couldnt stop giggling and happily asked to go out and play….. alone for a bit.
    Amazing grace has found her joy and is ready to go home!

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