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Are You Ready to Meet Little Flash? Adopted

Right out of the gate, I spoke with our Andrea about Little Flash, and she immediately wanted to give her friend, Kat, the chance to be evaluated for disc, after all, he’s the perfect size, and has plenty of energy. After almost two weeks, here’s what Kat wrote about little Flash:

Hi Gisele,

His interest in the disc is minimal and while he has made some progress it is clear that it would take quite a long while to get him into the game and then of course there are no guarantees he’d ever really get into it. He enjoys play but isn’t intense about it at all and that’s what we as disc doggers are looking for. Jason and Andrea met him this past weekend and agree with my assessment. With that said however he is awesome in every other way. He’s sweet, he’s well mannered, he has an EXCELLENT temperament. He gets along with everyone he meets both human and canine. He can be a bit soft with some men but is still super sweet… just a little submissive to them.

He does love soft toys and likes to entertain himself with them or play a short game of fetch. I got some video of that today that will send you. He’s not over the top high energy – at least not compared to what I’m used to for a 10 month old pup. He isn’t low energy either, but he’ll play for about 10 minutes when he first gets out of his crate and then crashes on the floor. He listens well. He marked in the house once – I scolded him and he hasn’t done it since. I think he’d make a good agility dog. I had him on the dogwalk and some jumps the other day and he took to it like a duck to water. I really think he’d enjoy the teamwork aspect of agility quite a bit. Or even Rally-O obedience. With that said though he’d be perfectly happy as a much loved pet as that is what he wants the most is to cuddle and get his belly rubbed.

I thought about waiting till the end of the week in case something changed but I figured the sooner he can start being advertised the better for him so he can find his forever home. The only negative I’ve noticed with him is when he first comes out of the crate he likes to nip at your sleeves and shirt. I’ve been working on that with him. Interestingly he doesn’t do it to Jack – just to me. As you saw he loves kids, even small kids. He met our disc dog club directors 4 year old daughter this week and loved her – then again he loved everyone he met this weekend! Not sure if the nipping would be a good fit for a home with a small child though. He’s never touched my skin though – just my shirt sleeves. He’s learning to sit for attention but has to be reminded at times. He rides well in the crate in the car. He crates well in the house. If he gets whiny in the crate I found if you just cover him up he’s totally quiet – like a little parrot! He is able to be crated all day while we are at work with no potty issues or destructive behavior to his bedding. I mean really – other than the lack of interest in the disc he’s just about perfect.

I plan to take some good photos of him today and will maybe get some more video for you. Sorry it didn’t work out with us but it’s been a pleasure getting to know this little guy. Turns out he is related to my eldest girl that he reminds me of so much! Oh in case anyone wants to know or cares I’d say he’s about 18.5″ tall and he’s 28#’s. We can keep fostering him if you like or not – it’s up to you.

We will be in and out this weekend and will be at the disc dog competition in Plant City and Jack will be home some during the day next week though so that might work for some meet and greets – not sure how you all do that. We will be out of town Thanksgiving weekend. A friend offered to take him to an agility trial with her that weekend or if that doesn’t pan out then we’d just take him with us I think. If you’d rather move him to one of your official foster homes that is fine too. He’d fit in just about anywhere. Oh… he’s seen my cat but she hasn’t let him get close to her so I’m not sure how he is with cats other than he’s definitely interested in them but he didn’t seem obsessed with her.

If there is anything else you need to know from me just let me know. I’m willing to help find him an awesome home in whatever way I can! He definitely deserves it!

C-ATCH Mickie – Agility Dog Extraordinaire (mostly retired)
Ruckus – Frisbee Dog Extraordinaire
Tali – Frisbee and Agility Dog Extraordinaire
Jam – Loving Pet with occasional disc dog tendencies
Groovy – Disc Lovin’ Young Adult

Well, wasn’t that some great information about this young boy! I think we’re ready now to find him an awesome home, don’t you? And just look at Kat’s photography! Wow! Kat, you’re an awesome foster, I hope you’ll foster for us again in the future!

All of Flash’s photos can be seen in his photo album on Facebook.


February 16, 2011 Update:

Just wanted to let you know Little Flash is doing really really well and we are about to move to the “new” home on the lake where he has 1.4 acres to play. He is such a BIG baby and his temperament is unbelievable. He is awesome with the 4 other doggies and 2 cats. He loves to play soccer. I got 2 mini soccerballs which I use to keep him running so he can get rid of some of that energy he has. He still likes to jump but that is ok. Nobody is perfect. Thank you for bringing more joy to our lives.

Al + Ans

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  1. Awesome job "enhancing" his video with music! He does love to entertain himself with a stuffed toy that is for sure! He also loves to lay down and snuggle next to you just as much!

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