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Australian Cattle Dogs Make A Break For It!

Australian Cattle Dogs Make A Break For It!

Oh, I love the people who have come alongside us, trying to help save as many lives as they can. The list is long. Some of these people volunteer longterm, some just brush up against us once, and yet everyone of them has made a difference. Take this litter of puppies, for instance….


Andrea sent me an e-mail, “A litter of three ACD puppies were just picked up by animal control and are in county shelter.” I know sooooo much about ACDs that I had to ask, uh, what does that stand for? Australian Cattle Dog. Oh, of course. Andrea was very kind ~ given that she is hugely in to agility and disc competition, she adores the breed. Oh, of course. (Have I mentioned lately that my personal dogs are Basset mixes that walk over to their food bowl for exercise?). Back to our story….

Andrea mobilized. She, her husband and a friend drove a couple of hours to the shelter to be there when the doors opened. They were told that the puppies could not be adopted until 3pm, but they were welcome to see them. Much to their shock the litter was five, not three! Huge quandry ~ the shelter had limited them to adopting only four. Heart ache. At three o’clock promptly, they left the shelter with four, sick at heart over the one left behind. Andrea and her husband drove to Jupiter where Amy and her mother met them. Puppies were transferred and then driven to Orlando where my husband and I met them. We drove them to our home and settled them in for the night. I posted the story on facebook and then sat and fretted over the puppy who was left behind.

Apparently we weren’t the only ones fretting. By morning Andrea, Maria and Jocelyn had a plan to get the last puppy. I now sit here wondering and hoping that by this evening the littermates will be united. I’ll keep you posted!

August 10 Update:

I’m still not sure if we’re going to be able to get the last puppy. People are still scrambling.

Meanwhile, Andrea sent me this cute video that she made of the four puppies getting their first bath. A blessing for me, Andrea bathed them before passing them on to Amy for transport to me. It was so nice to get clean puppies!

August 11 Update:

Well, we’re not getting the fifth of the litter. When our volunteer arrived at the pound, they were told the puppy had already been adopted! That makes us happy.

Meanwhile, the four puppies are settling well into my home. They are rugged little things with a can-do attitude. Given that they are cattle dogs, I decided to give them “western” names. The girls are Dallas, Denver and Durango; the sole boy is Dodge. They are a delight, very busy and playful but I can already detect their herding instincts, most noticably in the way they nip at everyone’s ankles. They will certainly do best in a busy home, perhaps one where there is opportunity for agility or disc play.

I’ve posted well over 100 photos on their photo album, so I hope that you will check out. In the meantime, these are the puppies:


This is Dallas. She is a black and white merle with just a hint of brown on her chest and legs.

This is Denver. She is a black and white merle with patches over her eyes. She is the smallest in the litter by just a bit.

Dodge is the only boy in the litter. He is a very handsome red and white merle.

Durango is a female. She has the most unusual coat, in that it is brindle.

August 22nd Update:
I never knew that cute was spelled “ACD”!!! My whole family has become fascinated with these puppies. They are so smart, so busy, so… so…, cute! Everyone’s ears are pretty much standing up now. Dodge’s are especially funny because the tips are flipping back not forward, so they look like they are inside out. I’ve added a bunch more photos to their album so you can see for your self. I love this video of them. They managed to find a plastic flowerpot and decided to play tug-o-war with it. Did I mention they are cute????

August 24 Update:
The Cattle Dog puppies just love the new Doxies and Spaniel puppies that I have. They are as rollypolly with them as you please! Too funny!

August 26 Update:

I think I am falling in love with Australian Cattle Dogs! They’re so cute, so smart, so fun! Everyone’s ears are standing up now, making them look like walking radars!

Dallas runs up to us frequently, putting her paw on our feet in an effort to be picked up.

Denver is often right behind her, as they tend to do everything together. Not as “pushy” as her sister, she still delights in attention.

Dodge thinks its funny to be the last puppy to come in, preferring that we play a quick game of chase, and then he runs to the door like it was his intention all along.

Durango has a great self-image and loves to play with Gus, my 55-pound Basset/Bulldog. But she is equally as eager to be held and snuggled.

It is really something to watch these four run around the yard, exploring every square inch, looking for something to play with. Whether it is a ball, a rope toy, or a flowerpot, they are always game! For more videos, be sure to check out the video section of our Facebook page!


Sept 16 Update:
Durango is in love. Tippy the Old English Sheepdog has arrived and Durango can’t leave her alone! Fortunately, Tippy is very patient and puts up with all the kisses she is getting. You have to watch the video of them together on Tippy’s blog page. It’s just too funny!

Adopting Families

Dodge was adopted on September 2nd, just in time to enjoy the Labor Day weekend with Frantz. Frantz had grown up with dogs but hasn’t had one since leaving home so he is really looking forward to having a buddy. I was a bit concerned about Dodge getting enough exercise until we had been chatting for a while and Frantz shared that he is a runner. That is great! The best way to keep a puppy well behaved is to keep him tuckered out! LOL I know that Dodge is going to have a great life!

Denver was adopted September 5th. After “puppysitting” a friend’s ACD/Corgi dog for three months, Doug and Emily decided that they were ready for a dog of their own. Since they both work, they were going to get an adult dog, but then Emily decided to pursue her master’s degree. A more flexible schedule allowed them to entertain the idea of a puppy. And after meeting Denver, well, what can I say? Once again I am amazed at how the “right” family always finds the “right” dog! No doubt these three are going to have a great adventures together!

Dallas was adopted on September 11th. After suddenly losing their beloved shadoodle Luke to cancer, their home missed that something extra that a dog brings. After spending hours on websites looking at dogs, Jenn found Dallas. Reading up on the breed, she knew that she could be it ~ Jenn has trained several of their previous dogs in agility activities and saw the potential. Bright and early Saturday morning Jenn, Rich and Shane came to meet Dallas and it was a go! They loved her and she loved them. This is a lovely family that I know will give Dallas a wonderful life!

Update 9/19/10


Wanted to give you an update on Dallas after her first week with us. We have decided to rename her Josie. She is doing great. Adapted very well to life with our family. Her personality is starting to come out, she is very curious and loves to be wherever I am. She seems to be quite bright, but like you said mellow for an ACD. Potty training is coming along, still some work to do but she is getting it. We have done some leash walking in the evenings and she is starting to get the hang of it. The vet checked her out on Thursday and took out her staples, he thought she looked great.

The boys are enjoying her also, although she is going through that wonderful chewing, nipping stage with those little needle teeth, so we are doing our best to give her alternatives and to redirect her when she starts that. I have attached some pics for you to see, she has already grown a lot in a week!

I’ll send more updates soon,

Jenn Hernandez

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  1. Hi there. I know this is going to sound weird, but I was wondering if you adopted Molly aka Durango out? We have a dog named Molly, who my mother-in-law rescued who is a brindle ACD. The unusualness of the color/breed combination and the fact of the same name is pretty coincidental. Please drop me a line and let me know if you adopted her out? Thank you!

    Cindy Arman

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