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The Dog Liberator rescues abandoned dogs throughout the Southeast. Based in Central Florida, this non-profit organization fosters all of their dogs in a home environment. Founded in 2009, all dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered prior to adoption. The Dog Liberator focuses in rescuing the herding breed, which consists of Border Collies, Shepherds, Sheepdogs, Aussies, Collies, and Deaf/Blind Dogs.

Ay Chihuahua!!!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know: they aren’t Border Collies. They aren’t even herders. But come on, they’re cute!!! Dee Sullins, the director of Hale County Humane Society asked if we could take them. Do you see the photo of them in the milk carton h e sent me? Hello!

These four littermates were born around Thanksgiving. Stinkin’ cute, don’t you think? Let me introduce you:

is a lively little boy. I named him BoomBoom because when he runs, he bounces across the yard like a rocket. There is no lack of enthusiasm is this puppy!!! Adopted

Chicabowow is the only black and tan puppy in the litter. He is really narly! He isn’t intimidated by the other dogs, which just thrills Cassidy the Rat Terrier. She is a serious player, and Chicabowow is more than up to it!

Chicawowow is convinced he is a strictly indoor dog. When we go outside, he plants himself by the back door. Everyone else follows me onto the lawn. Not Chicawowow. He bounces up and down, barking at the door, waiting for it to open. He’ll finally sit down in a funk, facing the corner of the house, as if to say, “Fine! I’ll just sit here until it DOES open!!!” Adopted February 9th.

Chicadee is the only girl in the litter. She also has the reddest coat. She is so affectionate and can’t just sit in your lap; she simply must lick your face the whole time! Adopted.

Make sure that you check out their photo album. It’s chocked full! They are being fostered in Winter Park, Fl.

If you are interested in adopting one of these puppies, please review our adoption process and then e-mail me at

January 29 Update:

Today I was delighted to receive in the mail puppy-sized collars, donated by Amy, along with tags donated by Jocelyn! It was close, but the collars fit the Chihuahuas when tightened all the way. They really do have tiny necks! Now it is so much easier to tell who is who. Chicaboomboom has the blue collar; Chicabowow has the orange collar; Chicawowow has the green collar; and Chicadee has the pink collar, of course! Thank you to both Amy and Jocelyn!!!

January 31 Update:

Today was one of those perfect days that reminds us why we live in Florida. It warmed up to a lovely 79 degrees. The puppies wanted to play outside all day. They were simply adorable. Their personalities are really starting to shine through.

Chicaboomboom is just full of beans. He just bounds across the grass with a spirit of complete abandon. He’ll play and wrestle and have a grand ole time, and yet this evening he laid happily in my husbands arms, head up against his chest as if that were the best possible place in the whole wide world. Adopted.

Chicabowow is very busy and energetic. He’s like the toddler who plays non-stop and then passes out on the carpet in mid-step. He thinks it is funny to run along the back of the couch and then sit alertly on the end table (yes, as fosters we do all we can to teach our puppies proper house manners!!!) But was there anything cuter than him sleeping in my lap? Nope!

Chicawowow is such a baby! His favorite place is still anywhere inside! He simply loves to be in the house and will pout until you let him in. And when you hold him he works his way up to your shoulder like a parrot. I think he practices those looks in the mirror so he can melt your heart! Adopted

Chicadee is never outdone by her brothers. In fact, I’m pretty sure she is running the show! But the funniest thing to see is how she is with Ralph, my Basset/Lab mix. She simply adores him. She is forever running up and putting her front lets on the back of his neck, pressing her head against his as if to hug him. It is precious!!! Adopted

February 3rd Update:

Well, would you look whose ears stood up straight today!!! Chicadee is now intercepting signals from space. The mother ship is on its way!!! She looks adorable, don’t you think? I’d guess that there is a good chance that the ears of the rest of the litter will eventually point to the high heavens.

February 11th Update:

Today our little Chicadee went home, and that was so good to see! It was also good to see how well these puppies do with children. Heather brought her daughter plus Melissa and her two sons. The Chihuahuas quickly figured out that kids are easy targets for cute behavior.

In no time at all Chicaboomboom was snuggled in little arms, and he stayed there for as long as he could.

Chicabowow, of course, was going 90 miles an hour, racing from one to another, but when little Gunther finally got his arms around him, Chicabowow was all kisses.

I was delighted to see Chicadee settle in with Caylin, especially since that is Heather’s little girl!

I’ll say it again: this is a wonderful litter of puppies!!!



February 12th:

Chicaboomboom and Chicabowow just love my basset-mix Ralph. They throw themselves on the ground in front of him, they climb onto his back, and when that doesn’t garner a response, they start running in circles! Ralph just stands there and watches. Oh, and yes, I keep calling Ralph “Gus”‘; Gus is my other basset mix. I DO know the difference; It’s just been a long day!


February 16th Update: 

and Chicabowow just crack me up. They really really love my bigger dogs. Gus, my white basset/bulldog mix, is such a jerk to them, but they keep trying, throwing themselves down in front of him with this, “Play with me! Play with me!” look on their faces. He is slowly being worn down by them, and who wouldn’t be? They’re so cute!

Ralph, on the other hand, is such a mother hen! He should have been a “she.” This evening I was sitting here typing away on my computer and I heard Ralph licking, over and over and over again, in that annoying way that dogs will do. He was lying on his dog bed and was licking his front paw, but kept doing it so long I finally leaned over to see if there was a problem with it. Silly me! He wasn’t licking his paw; he was licking Chicaboomboom who was under his paw! And Boomboom was just loving the attention. What am I going to do with these goof balls!?!

After a long day of playing, all the dogs fell asleep in the living room, with Chicaboomboom and Chicabowow laying down with Ralph. It was adorable. And then it got downright silly when Boomboom rolled over and layed with his head hanging upside down! I gotta say it again ~ I just adore these puppies!!!

February 21st Update:

Someone, I believe it was Serena, donated a starter agility kit to Gisele. Knowing that I have nothing else to do with my time, she gave it to me. Having watched the video of Boomerang the Lab learning agility with Betty’s daughter, I got inspired and got the tunnel out today. I figured it would take a while to get them to go into it, and even longer to go through it. Silly me! Within 5 minutes, all the puppies were running through the tunnel. Weeble likes to run through, Wobble likes to wrestle in it, Kai thinks it is a great place in which to get out of the sun, and Chicabowow the chihuahua???? After just 5 minutes, he would run through every time I said, “Tunnel” !!!! I kid you not! Gisele says that is only because he has been hanging out with Border Collies!


Chicawowow was the first puppy to find his forever home. On February 9th he headed out the door to Kissimmee with Amy and Randy. Their first dog together as a married couple, they are looking forward to spoiling him to pieces. They promised me they’d train him too so that he wouldn’t become one of “those” Chihuahuas! lol It was wonderful to see how he folded himself into their arms. A perfect match!!! Oh, and his new name? Bentley!

On February 11th, sweet little Chicadee went home with the wonderful Heather and Caylin. Little Caylin didn’t know they were coming to get a dog until they pulled into my driveway. Sneaky mommy! Chicadee quickly camped out in Caylin’s lap, which was a joy to see! As they were leaving, they were still debating names: Apple? Scarlett? Phoebe???? I can’t wait to find out what they settle on!!!
Update: And the decision is….. Vixen!!!

February 18th was Chicaboomboom‘s big day! Maria drove all the way down from Gainesville in Friday rush hour traffic to meet him. And he was all she was hoping for. I just loved how he folded himself into her. Won’t Maria’s daughter be surprised when she comes home after her long weekend to find a new puppy in the home! Yup, Chicaboomboom will have a 7-year-old girl to call his own, plus a Husky named Maverick. I see years of fun ahead!!!

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