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The Dog Liberator rescues abandoned dogs throughout the Southeast. Based in Central Florida, this non-profit organization fosters all of their dogs in a home environment. Founded in 2009, all dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered prior to adoption. The Dog Liberator focuses in rescuing the herding breed, which consists of Border Collies, Shepherds, Sheepdogs, Aussies, Collies, and Deaf/Blind Dogs.

Border Collie Jetta – The Perfect Border Collie – Adopted

Jetta was owner-surrendered. Her owners felt she needed other dogs to play with or simply a more active lifestyle. Jetta is totally house trained, crate trained, and loves to play with toys. She is awesome with other dogs, children, and more importantly CATS! Yes, Jetta loves cats.

Over the next few days, Jetta will be evaluated and available for adoption. She is fully vetted and spayed.

Update: Jetta has found her forever home. She has been adopted by Elaine. Elaine has an awesome home, lots of property, has previous Border Collie experience. After the recent loss of her Border Collie she set out to find the perfect dog. Jetta had just the right energy for Elaine, and I can’t wait for updates!

Adoption Update 03/09/10: Here’s a new photo of Elaine and Jetta!

4 thoughts on “Border Collie Jetta – The Perfect Border Collie – Adopted

  1. Elaine Swinney Wilson: Jetta had a wonderful welcome home from my Golden Retriever and 2 dachshunds. Ate dinner in her own bowl right beside them last night and this morning. Responded just like my golden when told she was finished she didn't bother the two little on…e eating. Ran and played last. Thought she was going to sleep in bed with me. Placed on floor beside my bed and she ended up sleeping with Ceasar. He even had his head on her back. Given free roam of the house since she arrived. No problems. Has gone to bathroom each time outside. No accidents. Has been to stable and met horses. They get all well. We love her. Wonderful new addition to the family. Oh and she bounces the ball with her foot for my Golden to catch. It is amazing. I will post youtube video later today.Read More

  2. Elaine writes:
    "Hi Gisele,
    Great news. Just got home from Jetta's vet check. No heart worms.
    No other worms. Very good health. Perfect weight. Loved her coat.
    Says she is a 2006 model.
    I am so happy!!
    She is doing great. Has fit in with the family like she has always been here. Is full of energy but runs it off in the pasture with the horses and playing non stop with Ceasar and now plays with Ginger our daschund.
    Wakes me up every morning at 5:30 by licking my hand or putting her paw on my hand while I am sleeping.
    No food aggression. Eats right beside all my dogs and never bothers any of them when she finishes first.
    Haven't had her in a crate. No accidents in the house. Always lets me know when she needs to go out.
    We were gone several hours the other day and she did fine loose in the house with the other dogs.
    I think the lady who gave her away was crazy but I am so thankful she did.
    We love Jetta very much and she is perfect for our family.
    Thank you so much for doing so a wonderful rescue job."

  3. Hi Gisele,
    Just wanted to update you on Jetta:
    Jetta has been such a wonderful addition to the family. She loves herding the horses and playing with our Golden retriever. I used to take agility courses with Peaches, my 12 yr old border collie who we lost last month with a tumor on her spleen that we weren't aware of. I think Jetta would love agility courses and we signed up to start next Monday. We are taking lessons from Ileana Nadal. She has won several National finals and all her student have gone to Nationals. I am excited and will keep you updated on how we are doing.


  4. hi.
    Please contact me regarding Jetta’s recent issues. I may be able to steer you in a positive direction from working on my border collie both through massage, energetic techniques & acoustic wave. The energy work, she loves & cuddles up, “knowing” what I am doing to help her.

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