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The Dog Liberator rescues abandoned dogs throughout the Southeast. Based in Central Florida, this non-profit organization fosters all of their dogs in a home environment. Founded in 2009, all dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered prior to adoption. The Dog Liberator focuses in rescuing the herding breed, which consists of Border Collies, Shepherds, Sheepdogs, Aussies, Collies, and Deaf/Blind Dogs.

Boscoe the Brindle Bossie – Adopted

05/14/14 Update: Happy Anniversary Boscoe (now Brisco), it’s been four years since you found your forever home!  Here’s an awesome adoption update! Check out his photos on Facebook!


BoscoeAs we celebrate Brisco’s 4th anniversary with us all I can say is that I am so thankful for you saving him so we could find him. People talk about their heart dogs. My heart dog is Maggie, but bringing Brisco into our lives has made me believe that if it is possible to have more than one at a time he is mine also. Brisco lives life loud and with gusto! He is also one of the sweetest and loving dogs I have ever met. When we brought him into this house he became best friends with our girl Maggie who is not always readily accepting of new dogs. They bonded from day one and are still bff”s to this day. She is10 yrs old but will still play and wrestle with him and put up with his baussieness.

He teaches me so much everyday. The first and foremost thing is that Border Collie/Aussie crosses are the smartest dogs on the planet by far with a side helping of attitude. This makes them a blast to train with. We started out doing agility,which he is great at, but the high energy atmosphere of a trial environment is too much for him, so I changed directions with him and started one of my favorite things to do with dogs- Trick Training! We just received his Novice Trick Dog Title from Kyra Sundance and Do more with Your Dog. We will be trying out for his Intermediate level next in a month or so, we are just polishing up a couple of the tricks to qualify. He loves it and brings me so much joy watching him do his stuff! Watching him learn and try new stuff is the best thing in the world.

Boscoe the Trick Dog!We are also working on our dancing skills and I see some Canine Freestyle happening in his future.

If you can’t tell we love him so much! He is a beautiful, smart, loving, wonderful boy! He brings joy into our lives every moment! I am so grateful that you were able to save him and that he came into our lives.

I have attached some pics for you too. His trick title, An easter pic, and a pic of him and his bff Maggie, one with dad

Hugs& Kisses- Brisco, Mary & Ben

History:  Boscoe may be a Border Collie/Aussie mix, which is what we refer to as a Bossie! But where did he get that Brindle color? I’m clueless! I’ll let my group of seasoned rescuers chime in on this debate! Boscoe is smaller than a typical Border Collie, maybe 25-30 pounds. He’s very young, less than a year old.

He was pulled by Terry Watts in Panama City, fostered, and transported to us thanks to Lisa Groeninger, and my friend Derm who was doggie sitting at my house last weekend. Well, needless to say, Derm is crazy about Boscoe. His favorite thing to do is round up every ball he can find, and decide which one to play with. Before he gets himself frustrated, he then decides to play with them all… at the same time!

Boscoe is absolutely gorgeous, and has the face of my Ozzie. He’s very much the clown, and he would do great with another dog in his life. Boscoe will need a fenced-in yard, an active family, and again, a playmate that has his energy. And here’s the big plus…. ready? I believe Boscoe gets along with cats… What a plus, eh? Update: Okay we all know that Boscoe looks a lot like my Ozzie, but they must be related somehow, because they both LOVE to play and seem to have the same temperament. Ozzie loves little kittens and young pups, and Boscoe seems to be the same. But you better have a lot of balls to play with, all different sizes and have a good throwing arm, because this frat boy is serious about his toys! What else? He squats when he pees (shhhh don’t tell the ladies, we don’t want him to have a complex). In short, he’s just a very happy boy, and I have no clue what the heck he was doing at a kill shelter. None. So thanks to Terry Watts who pulled him and asked him to come to us!

Here’s Boscoe with his new foster, Betty Acosta!

Foster Update: Boscoe is one of the coolest dogs I have ever met. This little guy is soooooo smart. This week we worked on some basic obedience and tried out some agility. He gets along so well with the rest of my pack (10 other dogs) and has everlasting energy. We worked on some crate games to get him to not just like his crate but LOVE his crate. He’s doing AWESOME! He’s learned how to Sit, Down, Place, Crate and is working on his recall. As far as agility goes, this little guy learned to climb the A-frame, jump over some 14″ jumps, sit and down on a pause table and is getting comfortable with the tire jump. He also hungout, watched TV and chilled indoors with his foster family. He’s very well behaved indoors and loves to give affection. Lets see what this next week will bring us.

Betty A.

Boscoe Learning Agility!

Boscoe has been adopted by professional agility trainers! It was bittersweet for Betty, she really fell in love with him, but she is thrilled knowing that Boscoe will more than likely be a superstar very soon! We’re looking forward to updates.

Update 05/19/10: Gisele: I’m so happy for him! He deserves this Giselle. Look at what you did for Boscoe! This makes me want to cry. ~Betty Acosta


Boscoe is doing fine! He is getting along great with all my girls. He has started to notice my cats more, but just barking, no aggression. He will leave them when I call him, so we are good there. He is a very beautiful and lovey boy. My catahoula mix Maggie and he sleep together and just hang out together.

He is working on up and off, since my dogs are allowed on my furniture, but they need to be asked on and get off when I tell them. He has also been learning to wait quietly for his breakfast and dinner. He is working on longer sits and downs. I have been playing some tug games with him and working on fetch(he likes to play keep away with me and Tasha). We have also been learning the touch game. I love his focus when he works.

He goes to the vet tomorrow for his checkup. Then he will go to an agility class with me, more for socialization and exposure, than actually working the equipment. There are 2 really friendly dogs in the class that he will have fun interacting with, plus I want to expose him to all the movement. One of the dogs is a high drive border collie.

We have gone on walks in my neighborhood and I am very pleased with his leash walking skills, not perfect, but really good for 10 months in a new environment.

You did a great job working with him while he was at your home.

Here are a couple of pics of him and my husband on the ride home from Plant City. I will have more pics for you soon and maybe a video. We have a fun match with our local agility club this Saturday which I am helping with, so I will try to update on Sunday again.

Thanks again- you guys do a great job!!! ~Mary

Now is time for me to thank the real rescuer here, Terry Watts of Panama City who would not let Boscoe be put down. She waited for transport, and I believe that Sue Bruce helped us get him transported, and it was our Lisa G. that picked him up and brought him to my home, while I was on vacation. My friend Derm who was house-sitting fell in love with this boy immediately, and Boscoe was part of the pack right away! Thank you Terry!

And Extra Special Thanks to Betty who recognized Boscoe’s talents, took him under her wing, and made him shine!

December 9th Update:

Here are 2 pictures of Brisco (Boscoe). He doesn’t have any Xmas gear on, but he is not much for dressing up. They were however taken last weekend so they are December pictures. Hope that counts for holiday!

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