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The Dog Liberator rescues abandoned dogs throughout the Southeast. Based in Central Florida, this non-profit organization fosters all of their dogs in a home environment. Founded in 2009, all dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered prior to adoption. The Dog Liberator focuses in rescuing the herding breed, which consists of Border Collies, Shepherds, Sheepdogs, Aussies, Collies, and Deaf/Blind Dogs.

Brooke The Tied and Starved Sheltie – Adopted

Brooke is a 2 year old Shetland Sheepdog mix female. She was found tied to a dog house on a 2 foot chain, with no food or water. She tested positive for heartworms and will need to be treated. In spite of her hard start in life, she is friendly, affectionate and knows some commands. With patience, love and training, she is going to make a good pet.

Brooke is an awesome little girl who wants nothing more but attention, and a bowl of food once and a while!

Update 12/23/09: After researching heartworm treatments with Jamie Bowen, and learning about her relationship with the Titusville SPCA, Brooke will be fostered by her family, and we will work together to get her the treatment she needs. We’re anxious for updates and new photos of Brooke’s new life. Brooke has been renamed Holly, a very fitting name for a very happy girl!

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Update 03/16/10
Brooke has been renamed Holly, and here’s an update:

Holly is doing great! I took this pic and some others this past Sunday. She only has the oral treatment (heartworm) to go and then she is done.
The light patch on her back in the other pic I am sending you is where they shaved her hair to do the injection.

October 20th Update:

Here’s a new pic of Holly, not a very good one but as close as I can get…for some reason she doesn’t like the camera. She killed a rat the other day out by the garage and she is quite the lizard hunter. She is doing really well.


Update:  Brooke did receive the immiticide treatment, and she is HW negative!

5 thoughts on “Brooke The Tied and Starved Sheltie – Adopted

  1. Wooohoooo! Brooke has a foster home that will hopefully become her forever home. Big beautiful yard and lots of love from the gentleman that is fostering her. What a great family and she's going to be spoiled and loved.

  2. Hi Giselle,

    Holly did soo great last night! My parents said she slept in her kennel the entire night without a peep, and they even left the door open…she is such a sweet girl. No accidents in the house either. They are teaching her the command STAY, so that she won't run out the door when someone leaves or enters. She is doing very well with that. Holly also knows the command NO, she obeys very nicely.

    She is eating well and seems like she is always hungry…I am going to have to ration my DAD to maybe only 5 treats a day…Hahahaha. He went to the store to buy her some toys, and I told my mom if he wasn't back in about an hour she should call him, otherwise he might comeback with several toys….treats….more toys…ect! Of course, he came back with a variety of things!

    My mom is really loving her…but now you can hear my mom every now and then singing Holly's name, trying to help Holly get used to her name. My mom even called all of her friends, local and long distance, to tell them about Holly. She even had me take a picture so she could send it to everyone. I guess this morning Holly wanted to play and my mom was trying to zip up her robe…halfway up, Holly would go over there and pull the zipper back down..this went on several times. My mom just laughed.

    We are all soo anxious to start Holly's treatment…she wants to run and run and run soo badly out in that big yard, but we try to limit what we can.
    All my parents can talk about is getting her better, so she can lead a normal happy life.

    OOOhhhh, we heard her bark! The big dogs next door started barking and then she barked. I think she is feeling very comfortable at the house.

    Thanks (again) soo much for such a wonderful Christmas gift. Holly is going to and has brought soo much joy already…and she is only half the dog that she is going to be.


  3. Hi Giselle,

    Holly is doing great! Attached is a pic of her and my husband at my parents house. It is sooo hard trying to take a pic of her..she is never ever still.

    She did soo well with all of the company we had over the holiday. There were about 15 people, and they all wanted to take her home!

    Unbeknownst to me, I actually know several people who's dog had heartworms and the shot treatments…close friends of ours and three of my cousins (dogs ranging from: Chihuahua, Catahoula, Sheba Inu, Jack Russell…ect)!
    Who knew? Also, Kevin's son's wife is a Vet Tech in Orlando….as you can tell, Holly and Holly's heartworms were the topic of holiday conversation.
    I think it was good to hear experiences from people that we know and trust.
    My mom has gotten soo attached to Holly…she worries that Holly won't make it thru the treatments, but after our friends and family shared their stories, it put her more at ease. My dad just can't wait for her to be better…he has already challenged my husband and aussie to a frisbee contest, said he might even get Holly a super girl cape!!! LOL

    Hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday and didn't eat too much…haha..I did!

    Looking forward to hearing from you tomorrow or soon about what the next step will be.


  4. An update….
    Holly had her first heartworm treatment on Feb 3, 2010. My dad took her in to the SPCA that morning and they kept her until around 3pm, which is standard procedure. The vet said she did great. Although she was sore the rest of the day, you wouldn't have known it by the next morning. My dad said the next morning, she was almost like her usual self. I visited her the next day, but was very cautious because Holly gets soo excited when we go over to visit. To much surprise, she was great. The only problem is trying to keep her somewhat calm. Of course, we all knew that would be one of the hurdles of the treatment. But, being that my parents are retired and have a leisurely pace, she is able to stay calmer than maybe if she was with a younger couple or kids.
    I am very relieved and happy with Holly's progress. At first I was nervous, but confident in Holly's ability to get well. Her next shot is at the beginning of March, so wish us luck. Will keep you updated.

  5. forgot to mention…Holly has gained 3lbs!!! She was 24.4lbs at first checkup and then at the first heartworm treatment, she weighed in at 27.4lbs!! She has slowed down and cut back her eating. At first she was inhaling her food, but now I think she knows she is going to get fed and there is no need to gobble.

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