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The Dog Liberator rescues abandoned dogs throughout the Southeast. Based in Central Florida, this non-profit organization fosters all of their dogs in a home environment. Founded in 2009, all dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered prior to adoption. The Dog Liberator focuses in rescuing the herding breed, which consists of Border Collies, Shepherds, Sheepdogs, Aussies, Collies, and Deaf/Blind Dogs.

Buddy Boy from Kentucky-Adopted

Carolyn Nugent from Louisville, Kentucky emailed me December 7, 2010 begging me to help her with a Border Collie named Buddy. Over a month later, a space available and transport in place, he arrived at Jesse’s place.
Buddy carries a history that makes professional dog trainers and behaviorists cringe. He was abandoned at a park, tied to a bench or a table, and just left there. A good Samaritan took him in.
We all know that dogs can’t talk, but watching one of our very talented behaviorists, Paul Pipitone and Jesse Moranti, unravel the mystery behind these dogs can be quite fascinating. In Buddy’s case, it’s Jesse that has given the task to figure Buddy out.
While I realize that our adoption rates are impressive, we are not the fast food of rescue. Our dogs aren’t adopted until they’re ready, and Buddy is NOT ready.
In an interview this morning, Jesse describes Buddy as having “moments of brilliance.”
“He gets it, but reverts back to his old habits occasionally. His food guarding has improved quickly, and his crate-training has as well. He know goes into his crate on his own. Buddy loves the attention and affection of women. He is athletic and graceful, showing an interest in both the ball and the disc. When he wants attention, he actually rears up onto his hind legs and walks. “
Now THAT I want on video!
Unfortunately, however, Buddy is very fearful when walking through doorways. That, along with a few other minor quirks leaves Jesse to strongly believe that Buddy has been abused. Many of our rescued dogs have been abused, the most recent is China. Once more information can be made available about an abused dog, and a formula is created to allow the dog to be successful, their issues can be overcome, and they can be successfully adopted. After all, I adopted China!
02/23/11 Update: We’re all waiting for results from our Vets at Aloma Jancy. Last week, Buddy, who thinks he’s either Superman or a Mexican Jumping Bean got his leg caught which dislocated it. The doctor has popped it back into place, and removed the sling yesterday. We’re waiting to see if the leg will pop back out of joint. If it does, it will require surgery. Regardless, Buddy will need a lot of R&R at Jesse’s place while he recovers.
Just before the accident, Jesse was sharing with me Buddy’s improvement with regard to trust issues. It seems that after the injury to his leg, Buddy quickly learned that humans are to be trusted, and can be quite loving, especially when you’re in pain.
Our lovely Sarah White picked Buddy up from Jesses and rushed him to the vet, and we stand ready to bring him back home again, as soon as we have the green light.

03/04/11 Update: Buddy had his surgery, and he’s doing awesome. He has new bling, it’s the Cone of Shame! He was thrilled to be back with Jesse, his foster, and his tail never stopped thumping. Jesse already reports that Buddy is great with cats!

03/14/11 Update: The moment I posted Buddy available, a gentleman named Russ contacted me. Jesse and I agreed that we would wait to temperament test Buddy, and work through some of his issues. It didn’t take long, and Buddy was ready, but then, he hurt his leg.

We strongly believe that because of his quirky behavior, that Buddy simply was not house broken, and literally thrown out the door as punishment, which explains the broken leg. A crate, which is a simple tool, praise and reward is all it takes to housebreak a dog. If you go to work all day long and expect your young dog not to have accidents or be destructive, you’re insane! We do suspect Buddy was physically abused. Jesse’s patience paid off. Buddy has been adopted!

Jesse writes: Yeah Buddy! Russ, and his son Matt came to meet Buddy today, and took him home to Jacksonville as one of their own. Buddy has come a long, long way since he first arrived at Sit & Stay. Unfortuately he suffered a dislocated hip, that we later found was a repeated injury thanks to the incerdible medical staff of Aloma Jancy in Oviedo. It’s been an incredible week of revealations here this week, and I’ve been inspired to write about it on the blog. Sit & Stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “Buddy Boy from Kentucky-Adopted

  1. So glad to see an update on Buddy. My husband and I took Buddy in while we waited for DL to have an open spot. He was such a great little guy with people and absolutely loved to get his belly rubbed or give hugs. We gave him a little squirrel toy that he would play with for hours. Because we have dogs of our own and he had guarding issues, we had to segregate him from our crew but I tried to spend special time with him every day. We really bonded during that period. Though I was sad to send him on, I knew that with Jesse was the best possible place for him to overcome his issues and become the truly awesome boy I know he has the potential to be. Thanks Jesse and DL for giving Buddy that chance!

  2. Buddy is an incredible dog. He has overcome soooo much and has truly blossomed. When I first met him he was so shy and scared that I had to be kneeling down and looking away before he would sniff my hand. He would walk, tail tucked, and basically slink.

    When I saw him again today, he was a new fellow. He bounced right up to me, wiggling and wagging, ears and tail up. He also greeted a complete stranger and had made friends with everyone in the vet's office.

    Buddy didn't just come out of his shell, he went form being a caterpillar to a butterfly. He has a spirit that strife can not dampen and has found his sense of hope again. Now he just needs his forever family, who he is more than ready to meet!

  3. Buddy looks so much like my Kornflake, although Korn wasn't a border (actually part papi and part spaniel). She's been gone two years now and i'm thinking of adopting another dog.. that gets along with cats and is an "adult". I hope this butterfly of a dog is able to find a new human "mom" as good as me!! (blowing my own horn lol)

  4. Just stopping in to let everyone know how buddy is doing now having him for a month and he has really taken to our home and cant seem happier. He is starting to come out side on his own. His leg is healing very well, using it more and more every day. He LOVES his frisbees. Cant say anything more than he is a great dog.

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