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The Dog Liberator rescues abandoned dogs throughout the Southeast. Based in Central Florida, this non-profit organization fosters all of their dogs in a home environment. Founded in 2009, all dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered prior to adoption. The Dog Liberator focuses in rescuing the herding breed, which consists of Border Collies, Shepherds, Sheepdogs, Aussies, Collies, and Deaf/Blind Dogs.

Bullet the Homeless Border Collie~Adopted

Bullet the Homeless Border Collie~Adopted
Here is the bullet wound

Becky Harshman received this email:  Hello,  I am forwarding you a picture of Carols Border Collie that she has rescued.  You can see the bullet hole in his side.  Carol has the dog in boarding at her vets.  She has no room for this one due to all the storm dogs she has taken in.  The tornado came within a half mile of her house in Rainsville Al.  I am hoping that you can help her find a rescue.

Becky forwarded the email to me asking if I can help.  We confirmed that the vet in Alabama did not want to remove the bullet.  Lodged near his hip, it did not “hurt” anything major, and would be too risky to remove.  Before leaving the vet, Bullet was neutered, and we confirmed that he is heartworm negative.
Larry and Joyce Ashlock picked him up in Tampa yesterday evening.  In shock, Larry called me right away.  Bullet was dehydrated and emaciated.  Then, Joyce got on the phone, she could not believe how pitiful and starved the dog is.  I suggested that she scatter the food in his crate which will force him to eat slower, and to get some beef marrow bones to soothe him.

Originally, Bullet was supposed to be fostered by Lynne Deal, but Larry and Joyce think that Bullet needs some time to decompress from his trip, and relax for a few days before experiencing another change.  The Ashlocks will observe him, and if necessary, bring him to their vet (Country Oaks Animal Hospital & Boarding Kennel) if they have any concerns.

Both Larry and Joyce say he’s quite beautiful, very shy and for now his only concern is his next meal.  He’s so beautiful, we can’t help but have a ton of photos of him in his photo album!

If you think you might be interested in adopting Bullet, please first review our Dog Tips page.  Not only does it have lots of good ideas, it is also a bit of  a reality check.  After that, review our Adoption Process and then e-mail

May 26 Update:

Fur is growing over the wound

“Bullet had a great trip to the vet today.  He rode well in the car and looked out the window.  He made two new friends with fellow rescue dogs at the vets.  He bonded instantly with a rescue dog from Georgia that had also been shot.  (They were like old war buddies).

He also met the two in-house cats that he smelled and promptly ignored.

Bullet weighs 50.2 lbs but the vet says he should gain at least 5 more.  Overall he is healthy.  He was micro-chipped and given heartworm protection.  Everyone at the vet’s office remarked that he was a beautiful and great dog.  We were proud foster parents!

Bullet is very smart and eager to learn.  He has learned the command “come” and today I began working with the command “sit”.  I had him sit six times and rewarded him with a treat.  We were totally surprised when the vet technician told Bullet to sit for a treat and he obeyed.  He’s a fast learner.

Bullet loves attention; to be scratched, brushed and talked to.  We call him the Hug Doctor because he likes to put his paws on your lap and nuzzle your neck.  He especially enjoys doing this first thing in the morning and at bedtime.

Confidence is back

Bullet gets along well with other dogs.  He has met all sizes and breeds of dogs in the neighborhood.  Even though some have growled at him, he has shown no aggression.  He gets along great with the 10 lb. resident Maltese Zoey.

Bullet has shown great strength overcoming his traumas including homelessness, surviving a tornado and being shot with a rifle.  In spite of all this, he has a loving spirit, a good soul and he will be a loyal and wonderful pet for some lucky family.”

Bullet is now being fostered by Cathy in Fort Myers.  She has many years of experience in rescue with an emphasis on Nova Scotia Duck Trolling Retrievers.  It is our hope that her confident pack of dogs will speed Bullet’s recovery, both physical and emotional.  How did we get blessed by so many wonderful volunteers?

June 16th Update:

I just received this terrific update from Cathy.  Here you’ll see why I love our fosters.  She identifies the answers to the most commonly asked questions and helps narrow down the “ideal” home for Bullet:

Beautiful face

“Bullet is not a retriever 🙂  but he does want his very own person.  He will do best as an  only dog or with another female.  He doesn’t like to play with any of my dogs and really wishes all my boys would just go away and he could be the only one to get tummy rubs !   Bullet really is not a scared dog anymore..he found his brave border collie maleness !!  He can be pushy as I think most male BC’s are and needs a strong leader..but he will give all his love and devotion to “his” special person.

Is he good with Children ?? well I know he won’t eat them 🙂  I don’t think any BC is a childs dog..they are usually a bit to rough even in play and I would not leave ANY dog alone with a baby or young child ..usually the child is not well trained enough 🙂

Bullet is ready for his forever home..they can take over his obedience training at this point.


PS do you need the thunder shirt for anyone?  Bullet does not need it,,he is fine in a thunder storm”

09/01/11 Update:  Bullet has gone home! He now lives with the wonderful Axel and Connie, the innkeepers of Manatee Bay Inn on the beach of Fort Myers! According to his wonderful foster Cathy, “Well Bullet and his crate left in a thunder shower here..YIKES ..all went well Bullet was a good boy loaded up into the crate nicely and everyone seemed happy..THE END !!
Bullet off to a perfect life by the beach to greet all the guest at his bed and breakfast 🙂

Was this an adoption worth waiting for, or what? We’re so happy! The next time you need a vacation, go visit Bullet!

4 thoughts on “Bullet the Homeless Border Collie~Adopted

  1. HI,
    I would like to have some more info on Bullet. I am very interested in him. First, Where are you located in Ft. Myers? We are around Health Park Hospital, The Library, etc. We are in Lee County. Second, Is he super energetic? Or somewhat layed back? Third, How us he with cats?
    We have a 6 lb female pomeranian as well. She is good with other dogs, but wants to play constantly. If the other dog doesn’t want to play though, she gets the message.
    PLease email a response,

  2. Good Evening. I am interested in Bullet and thought he
    was in the Winter Park area. I have an 11 year old cat and did not see in your write up if he was ok with cats.
    Also, is she housebroken? Please email me to the above email address. Thanks

  3. Is bullet still available? I’d really like to talk with you about adopting him. If you could send me an email at just saying you got this I’d really appreciate it! I’ll give you a whole write up via email if he’s still available.

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