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The Dog Liberator rescues abandoned dogs throughout the Southeast. Based in Central Florida, this non-profit organization fosters all of their dogs in a home environment. Founded in 2009, all dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered prior to adoption. The Dog Liberator focuses in rescuing the herding breed, which consists of Border Collies, Shepherds, Sheepdogs, Aussies, Collies, and Deaf/Blind Dogs.

Dazzle Me "Tinsel Town" – Rehomed

I have avoided writing this for several weeks. I really do not have the time, but can elaborate later.

I purchased Tinsel Town 7 1/2 years ago from a breeder. She is the only blue and white Border Collie I have ever known, and she has unbelievable blue eyes. However, after the death of Reckless, Tinsel went into severe depression. So did I. I spent 3 weeks with her, both of us feeling sorry for ourselves, and then for two weeks I did not nothing but sit on the couch and love on her. It just didn’t matter.

Quite by accident my attempt to rescue began. I always knew deep in my heart that one day, I wanted to give back, but when Bonnie Belle was owner surrendered to me, and then 5 days later, Ozzie, I realized that I could not handle Bonnie. She was and is a high-drive dog.

That’s when my “rescuing” began (rescue is a verb not a place). I realized I needed to rehome Bonnie Belle.

Well, Bonnie ended up being a huge success story… then came Mel, another great adoption, and I can’t tell you all of the dogs after that, but, I can tell you that Tinsel did not belong here. She had her own life to live, and deserved to be “the dog” not the dog’s dog.

I also knew that Tinsel was madly deeply in love with one of my best friends, Derm. So, I contacted Derm and asked him if we could co-own Tinsel. The answer was a quick Yes!

Tinsel Town not travels the downtown DeLand area, and is quite famous!

Look, let’s be honest, after my Reckless, there is no need for me to have a dog, I had Reckless. I keep Ozzie because he is my peace keeper! He’s my Alpha – no he is not the bully of the school yard – he’s the principal of the school!

Tinsel is much happier, and after today, having her fully vetted, having her visit us, it was clear that she was anxious to get in Derm’s car… and go home.

Love you Tinsel Town, and proud that I could find you your forever home, even though I know it’s not with me.

Update: Tinsel Town came to visit us last week, and I paid for her to be completely vettet. Now she is ready to strut her stuff and dazzle downtown DeLand with her new owner, Dermott.

One thought on “Dazzle Me "Tinsel Town" – Rehomed

  1. 10/26/09 Update:

    Downtown Tinsel Town !

    She is known and loved all over DeLand. Everywhere we go, people rush out of the stores to meet her. It puts stars in her blue eyes. She plays 20 questions with man, woman, and child alike. And, I really believe we can create a TV Series about Downtown Tinsel Town- the border collie who can sense when they have had too much to drink.

    Now, my office and home is in the very center of downtown DeLand, above Grrs and Purrs, a pet boutique/groomer storefront. The first day I took Tinsel home, I got laughed at by its owners, Hedy and Paula, because I carried her up the stairs. According to her vet, she has hip
    dysplasia- a loose fit of the hip joint, which is common in some border collies. Now, her favorite activity is to bound three steps at a time… up two flights of stairs. Her muscles are very strong and she is extremely fit. My brother-in-law is a chiropractor. He told me,"There is nothing wrong with her."

    Okay, back to the dish on Tinsel. Everybody in DeLand loves her. The Elusive Grape- an upscale wine bar about 4 doors down- is her favorite spot. I walk in with Tinsel and everybody lights up- some give her doggie treats, the owner gives her a fresh bowl of water, and most
    importantly- she gets more attention than any female in town. Yet, Tinsel does get jealous when I talk to another woman-which is really odd because Tinsel is supposed to be my chick magnet.

    This past weekend, my friend Cyndi and I took Tinsel to "the Grape,"
    then to Cress, DeLand's newest Indian restaurant. We sat outside and ate dinner. Hari Pulapaka, the owner-chef, brought out a bowl of water. Hari is a full professor at Stetson. He teaches Computer Science, Number Theory, and Higher -level Mathematics. His wife Jennifer, the hostess, is a podiatrist. For those of you in Orlando, Hari was a chef at Maison & Jardin in Altamonte Springs. He is also a master Cordon Bleu chef.

    After dining at Cress, we then went to the Abbey, another beer and wine bar across the street. Cyndi, Tinsel and I listened to a local band play Santana cover music.

    The following day, we went to the Downtown Chili Cook off- where 65 restaurants and civic organizations raised money for various
    charities- such as Habitat for Humanity, the House Next Door, and others. Okay, you heard it first. Next year, we all get together and raise money for Pet Rescue by Judy or the Dog Liberator.

    After the Chili Cook-off, we went back to the Grape. Tinsel loves
    football- she loves Texas A&M- because the mascot is a collie. She also loves the Florida gators- because she knows what's good for her.
    She also like the Georgia Bulldogs. The Rev. Michael Fronk- chaplain to the students and faculty at Stetson University, DeLand- has a bulldog. Everywhere she goes, she makes dog friends. I will send photos to Gisele.

    Yes, Tinsel leads a full life. She eats green beans and every day. She gets plenty of exercise. She sleeps in my bed. (No, the honeymoon is not over.) Everybody in downtown DeLand loves her and her baby-blue eyes. Unless she knows you, she does not like people wearing sunglasses. If she cannot see your eyes, she cannot herd you- or so she thinks. So, she barks until you take them off.

    I have known Tinsel as long as I have known Gisele. And I can say with
    conviction- they are both the greatest gifts of God to me. I do not know what I did to deserve Gisele's friendship and Tinsel's companionship. But, when I do find out what I did to make me so deserving, I will write it down and tell you. Who knows, you too, will be a fortunate as me.

    Happy Tails to You!


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