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Doctor Doctor Give Me the News

Doctor Doctor Give Me the News
Future Liberator
Future Liberator

You may remember I posted that my son, Ryan, was sick with the flu on Thanksgiving Day.  Angry with the amount of leftovers I had, my daughter, Sarah and I went about doing chores, and being quiet as not to disturb him.  The fever that consumed his body was quite amazing.  I kept him covered and listened to him moan and groan and teased him, until it happened to me!

I remember going to bed at 8:00 PM on Friday… with sweat pants, a sweat shirt, a large polo jacket, a huge housecoat, one quilt, three blankets, and a blanket over my head.  I never got out of bed until Sunday around 2:30 in the afternoon.

I vaguely remembered a few knocks on the door, and remembered getting up once, but I wasn’t sure it if was a dream or not.  When I looked out onto our porch, I noticed one dog was missing – Boots.  Then it all came back to me!

What a pro she is, eh?
What a pro she is, eh?

When the doorbell rang late Saturday afternoon, I told Ryan to get Boots out of his crate, I instructed Sarah to get Boots’ folder, and made sure the paperwork was in order, and went back to bed before telling Sarah, she would have to do the adoption.  I guess you would suspect that Sarah would say something like “are you kidding me”?  But she didn’t.

She greeted the Van Dorns on the porch, Ryan brought Boots on leash, and Sarah, poised and confident did Boots’ adoption in my chair!  She said they talked for about an hour, sharing stories, and just talking, she went over the paperwork with them, explaining what she could, and of course, she told them that if there’s ever an emergency, our Vet, Newman was open until 1:00 Am 7 days a week!  She also didn’t forget to mention our upcoming reunion!

Sarah then reviewed the contract with them, but said that they could finalize it when I get better.  They asked her for some Petco coupons that I had mentioned, an Andi Brown’s Whole Pet Diet Book, Sarah found everything.  She also got out my camera, and took a few photos, shook their hands, and walked them to the car, making sure Boots loaded up, and he did.

What blows my mind is she even remembered to ask for an in case of emergency phone number!

When I shared with Sarah Buxbaum that Sarah had done her first adoption solo, she gasped a bit.  When I shared the news with Anita, her response was, “she’s probably witnessed over 450 adoptions in her little life!”

So, there you have it.  My ten year-old daughter just did her first adoption – solo!

So while Mr. Boots was Jeff Bennett’s 2000th rescue, he was my Sarah’s first solo adoption!

Whoot Whoot!  That’s all I have to say about that!

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