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Goldie Hawn Doesn’t Have to Fight Anymore

Collie Pup, Goldie Hawn Travels to the Rainbow Bridge:

It is with deep regret and sorrow that I inform you that Goldie Hawn lost her life-long battle today at 12:20.

The entire morning is a blur to me, but around 2:00 AM I received a phone call advising me that fluid was being removed from the chest cavity, followed by a 3:00 AM phone call indicating that her lungs had collapsed, and I gave permission to insert a breathing tube. At 4:30 AM her heart stopped, and they successfully resituated her, however, permanent brain damage was suspected.

I held her in my arms, and talked to her, until she died, but I’m not sure if she was fully aware that I was there. She was slipping into a coma.

They have requested that I allow an autopsy to identify why. Two teams of doctors, six weeks of unanswered questions, and still no one knows why. The lungs were suspected, then ruled out, and the trachea was suspected, and ruled out, the esophagus was suspected, and ruled out.

When I spoke to Holly Ryerson this afternoon, she comforted me by saying that Goldie experienced a wonderful life here with us during her last six weeks on this earth. She slept in my bed every night (until the pneumonia prevented that), she had a few days of wonderful puppy play, and was happy to greet everyone. Her two favorite things was sleeping with her head on my tummy, and lying on the grass in the full sun. Without people who can foster and rescue, Goldie may have passed away on a cold cement floor, never having the chance to experience joy.

I miss her terribly, and her loss has greatly reduced my enthusiasm for rescue. Hopefully, this will pass.

I named her Goldie Hawn before her transport with Pilots N Paws, because I thought she would be a mischievous and comical pup. This was not the case. Instead, she was quiet and weak. No matter what we did, it was always 2 steps forward and 3 steps back.

Last night we were preparing to take her to the teaching hospital in Gainesville. We were excited.

I have received donations, and I want to thank you. We are still in the process of totaling all of the bills and I will post this information on this blog when it’s available.

I don’t regret the expenses incurred for giving Goldie a chance. She deserved to be supported by a group of loving people who cared enough about her to give her a chance. Considering how horrible her first few months of life were, she sure had a great team behind her during the last few months.

Again, thank you.

Gisele Veilleux

To donate to Goldie’s medical expenses please use my paypal button or send a check directly to Dr. Susan Wayne, Murphy Vet Clinic, 2620 Orlando Dr., Sanford, FL 32773

Read about Goldie’s Flight by Pilots and Paws

Read about the Canine influenza, or H3N8 in the L.A. Times

5 thoughts on “Goldie Hawn Doesn’t Have to Fight Anymore

  1. Sent to me this morning:
    Thank you for loving me and caring for me the way you have. I missed you and though in body I'm not with you any more, I enjoyed laying my head on your stomach one last time again last night.
    I'm on my way now to my new forever home that you thought all along was to be yours but was never suppose to be. I hear that it is a beautiful place where many animals go see so many colors on a rainbow. I will be sure to say hello to Reckless when I see her again but I heard she was just visiting you in your heart very recently.

    I love you and will always be in your memories though I hope you'll only remember those wonderful days you caught on video. I really enjoyed watching them again with you last night and will be at you side whenever you think of me.


    P.S. Tell my mom I love her. She was always gentle to me.

  2. Cause of Death: Pneumonia – infection burst and traveled throughout her respitory system. Even though we had her on 4 different types of antibiodics over the past 6 weeks, and received antibiodics through IV several times, it wasn't enough. Surgery was not an option, Dr. Rose said the infection would've spread during surgery. There was no way for her to win. We gave her an awesome six weeks – hot dogs included.

  3. 10/07/09 update:
    I went to Affiliated Veterinary Associates this morning and I brought Lady Di with me. Together we met with Dr. Rose, the vet that worked all night long trying to save Goldie's life. Everyone at the office enjoyed meeting Lady Di. Tonight, we bury Goldie together as a family.

  4. 10/26/09: While talking with Dr. Susan Wayne about the new swine flu virus that is affecting dogs, Dr. Wayne strongy disagreed that the virus had anything to do with Goldie's death. So while many suspected it may have, she disagrees. Just thought I'd update everyone.

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