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The Dog Liberator rescues abandoned dogs throughout the Southeast. Based in Central Florida, this non-profit organization fosters all of their dogs in a home environment. Founded in 2009, all dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered prior to adoption. The Dog Liberator focuses in rescuing the herding breed, which consists of Border Collies, Shepherds, Sheepdogs, Aussies, Collies, and Deaf/Blind Dogs.

Gomer Pyle~Adopted

Gomer Pyle~Adopted
what a handsome boy!
what a handsome boy!

The shelter named him Einstein.  When I first saw his photos, I thought for sure he was an Aussie/Border Collie mix.  He was abandoned at a park, I assume someone tied him to a bench or a tree, because he seems to me to be the type of dog that would follow you to the ends of the earth.  Animal control was called, and picked him up, covered in feces and very underweight.  Even though they de-wormed him several times, I’m doing it as well.  Based on what I read for his medical chart, I’m also going to put him on a limited ingredient and grain free food – that might fix everything!  (thank you Courtney for your donation of great food, I’m going to use it!)

I met with Shelly Price late last night as she is the person who actually pulled, fostered and transported him to us.  Shelly and her family adopted Falcor years ago.

his shelter photo
his shelter photo

I had dozens of names picked out for this handsome fellow, and when Michelle Kamber told me he looked identical to her Gomer years ago, I thought about using the name.   But once I looked him over in a dark parking lot of a Shell Gas Station, I noticed he didn’t have a tail.  I was shocked, because I was sure he was a Border Collie.  I looked at his huge head and gigantic feet, and it dawned on me… I asked my daughter, “what is he Sarah?”  It took her a few minutes, before she looked up at me and said, “Meredith, and Snuffy!”  She’s right, he’s an Old English Sheepdog!  I was elated!

Is he an OES/BC?  an OES/Aussie?  I really don’t know!  But I think he’s got a lot more growing to do!  He is at 60 pounds right now, and I assume that another ten pounds will be just right!

As we drove away, I could tell he was looking for her, checking to see where she had gone, and it took a while for him to relax.  Once he got home with us, I gave him a capstar and more de-worming medicine.  For the most part, he was very quiet last night, and enjoyed his crate.

nose work!
nose work!

This morning he relieved himself many times, poor guy – his digestive system is not right.  Maybe some probiotics are in order as well!  He spent a lot of time smelling the smells of my yard, he’s processing!  This is a very smart dog, not the kind of dog that’s going to just go with anyone, he is going to bond quickly with his new owners and be incredibly loyal.

The shelter  listed him as an Aussie/Great Pyrenees, great guess – but I don’t think so.  He is gentle taking treats, crate-trained and quiet, appears to be housebroken, and good on leash.  He was great in the car, and good with my older children.  Shelly shared that he enjoyed the dog park, and liked to herd other dogs!

I know we can all take turns saying nasty things to the people that left him at the park, but I wonder if they couldn’t control his diarrhea, didn’t have the common sense enough to know he needed to be de-wormed and needed a special diet, just couldn’t afford to take him to the vet, and did not want to take him to a pound.  We’ll never know.  Shelly explained that the area is a “college town”.  What we do know is he was never abused, and is not traumatized, and is getting great care now.

Here’s a video I took late last night!

Gomer now Frasier
Gomer now Frasier

07/05/14 Update:  Last year, at the Mardi Gras Parade in downtown Deland, someone was paying attention! Dianne and Jon Cheney have been debating whether they wanted to adopt an Old English, or an Aussie? Until they saw Gomer! They have a standard Poodle named Angel, and the two of them are going to have a blast! The only stipulation I had is that he gets to walk with us in next year’s parade!

DeLand, please welcome your newest TDL Dog!

One thought on “Gomer Pyle~Adopted

  1. Hi Gisele,
    Just wanted to give you an undate on Frasier. He is holding steady at 62 lbs right now (our vet’s scale weighs 3 lbs less than Newman’s). I have gradually lowered his kibble intake to that appropriate for a 66 to 70 lbs dog, plus canned food & treats:) His black coat is shiny all over now. I found adding fish oil to his meals with the benedryl has stopped the itching & the old hives have turned brown and are drying up. Poop is mostly solid, with the occasional mashed potato type.

    I could not resist finding out what Frasier is, as he really did not “think” like an Aussie, but certainly looked like an OES in profile, except for his coat. I did the Mars Veterinary Wisdom DNA test on him. Without seeing a photo, he was ID’d as a 3/4 Old English Sheepdog, 1/4 Mix! 3 of his 4 grandparents were pure OES. 1 grandparent was a mix past 3 generations, but showed possible trace DNA of Keeshond (mostly), Min Long-coated Dachshund, Samoyed (much less), Skye terrier & Pembroke Welsh Corgi (much, much less).

    So training involves LOTS of rewards and repetition. I just received my new Doggone Good treat bag yesterday and strap it on all day. lol

    Angel and he are continuing to work things out. They aren’t happy unless they check out and trade what the other has re toys & bones. Still working toward having them outside together. I am expecting a tease pole this week. I figure if I exhaust him first, we can start having them together in the yard.

    Thank you again for all your and your volunteer’s efforts in rescuing Frasier. He really is a love muffin.

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