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The Dog Liberator rescues abandoned dogs throughout the Southeast. Based in Central Florida, this non-profit organization fosters all of their dogs in a home environment. Founded in 2009, all dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered prior to adoption. The Dog Liberator focuses in rescuing the herding breed, which consists of Border Collies, Shepherds, Sheepdogs, Aussies, Collies, and Deaf/Blind Dogs.

Gracie Belle ~ Adopted!

Gracie Belle ~ Adopted!

13330972_10154046265214792_7469467018457878408_nFrom Gracie Belle’s current owner:

In November I rescued a purebred 3.5-year-old female border collie with papers from a breeder that was looking for a home for her or was going to send her to a rescue group. Gracie had been born at the breeders and they kept her for breeding purposes. She had 4 litters of pups by the time she was 3. Although she lived in clean conditions, she had never been in a house, taken anywhere, or spent quality time with people. I adopted her with the intention of having another dog as a companion for my other rescue who is a border mix, Daisy. Unfortunately, Daisy is a border collie white Shepard mix and turns out to have the strong Shepard traits in that she does not get along with other female dogs. Daisy has started a couple of fights with Gracie and I can’ t seem to break her of doing it, so at this time I need to find a home for Gracie.

After adopting her I found out that Gracie is heart-worm positive. In fact, she was probably heart-worm positive when she had her last litter of pups! I have started her on treatment and it should be finished about the end of May. Once that happens I will need a new home for her. At that time, she will be up to date on all shots, heart-worm free and I will then have her fixed before allowing her to be placed.

Although she is a purebred border and has the classic Border collie markings she is NOT a typical border. She is timid. She does not play ball or games and does not show any interest in them. She will not herd sheep, (unless she is with my other dog Daisy while herding, otherwise she shows no interest at all.)

Gracie is very quiet and very timid since she had minimal interaction with people since birth and no outside experiences.She was used strictly for breeding. Although I have been working with her she is still timid. She is very sweet and a cuddler and just wants love and attention but is also happy just to be in the room with me.She is housebroken and has no bad habits that I can see.

She does very well on a leash and is good with people and other dogs, although a noisy family with kids could be intimidating to her. I don’t have young children so I don’t know how she would be with them. She gets along with my other dog Daisy but Daisy is the problem not Gracie.

She would be a great dog for people who want the Border collie looks but not the active personality. She has no bad habits except she loves to carry shoes and socks around. She doesn’t chew them, she just carries them.

She would also be wonderful for an older person or couple that would love to give her attention and love and wants a quiet loving pet.

Once she is available for adoption she will be clear of heartworm, fixed and up to date on all shots.

Gracie will be located in the Deltona, FL area. We will post more Photos on Facebook and updates once she arrives at TDL.

If you’d like to be considered for Gracie, please go here to learn all about Our Adoption Process. We don’t use a traditional application, but we would like you to answer a few questions so we can get to know you better.13321910_10154046265189792_8983224123609728457_n



6/19/16 Update: It is official. Gracie has left the building with Charlie, a 20 year veteran who served two tours in Vietnam! Gracie’s adoption is not quite our typical story.

Charlie’s sister contacted us after recognizing that Charlie could use a great companion (he has had dogs all of his life until recently). They asked us to work our magic and let them know if we had small, mature, well mannered dog who wouldn’t jump or bark too much.

Well, Gracie may not be small, but she fit the bill and we did a trial run, to see if she could be the companion/emotional support dog he needed.

IMG_4069The process started in early June. It wasn’t long before the first update came:

“Looks like the two have become fast friends! I’m amazed at how Charlie get’s up so easily to make sure she is ready to go outside. She sleeps right by his bedside . I think they are connecting beautifully! You are an angel for recognizing how they could work for each other!”




Shortly after we got the news that it was time to finalize the adoption. A beautiful new friendship and partnership had formed. We believe Gracie had a mission, and thanks to her first rescuer, Karen, she was able to come to us, and we were able to match her to Charlie. It takes a village!







14034695_10154264002919792_1143335181680373414_n8/22/2016 Update: Gracie was returned to TDL through no fault of her own. Sadly, Charlie’s health has been on the decline, and taking care of a dog became too much for him and for the staff at the facility he lives in. She was able to share a lot of happy times with him while they were together, though. <3

In happier news, Gracie wasn’t with us but a couple of days. She was adopted by Wendy and Michael of Sarasota. They lost Nico, their BC of 12 years back in February. She was a very special dog, and it was a heartbreaking experience for the whole family. They decided to wait until the end of the summer to start looking for a new dog…and voila, there was Gracie! Right on time. There will definitely be lots of updates and photos, as they are Johannah’s (Alfie’s mom’s) parents!









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