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The Dog Liberator rescues abandoned dogs throughout the Southeast. Based in Central Florida, this non-profit organization fosters all of their dogs in a home environment. Founded in 2009, all dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered prior to adoption. The Dog Liberator focuses in rescuing the herding breed, which consists of Border Collies, Shepherds, Sheepdogs, Aussies, Collies, and Deaf/Blind Dogs.

Holly’s Getting More Puppies!!!


I’m so excited! I’m getting more puppies!

Okay, I know I said I was going to take a break. I mean, I’ve fostered, what?, nineteen puppies since the end of May. I deserve a break, right? But then I saw four little puppies sitting in a kill-shelter in Alabama and I couldn’t stand it. Two of them remind me of Austin, one of the White Fluffy Puppies. And the other two, well gosh, they’re only eight weeks old and have been at the shelter for over a month. That means the second they could be weaned, they were dumped. No, I couldn’t stand it.

These are the photos I have of the puppies. They aren’t great, but you can see why my heart melted.

This is Daffy. She is a shepherd, eight weeks old and about eight pounds. She reminds me of what Chaos must have looked like at that age. Check out her photo album.

This is Dixie, Daffy’s sister. Looking at her, I really think these two are German Shepherds. You can see that her ears are already thinking about standing up. She’ll be beautiful! Here is her personal blog page and photo album.

This is Chip. When I first saw him, my heart just melted. He had such a sad look in his puppy eyes. How could I say no? Chip has his photo album here.

And finally, Dale. He is Chip’s littermate. Are you as in love as I am???? If you don’t know Catahoulas, let me tell you, they are great dogs! I’ve fostered lots of them. My neighbor adopted one of my Catahoula puppies a couple of years ago and she is now a trained therapy dog. With Chip and Dale’s good looks, how cool would it be for them to do something like that? This is Dale’s photo album.

As soon as I get them I’ll update this posting. I’ve already picked out the perfect song for a video of them. Get excited!

~ Holly

July 24th:

The puppies have arrived! Okay, I don’t have them yet, but Gisele does. And they’re WONDERFUL!!!! Daffy and Dixie are about three months old, about 11 pounds. Not only does Dixie have pert German shepherd ears, but she also has a marble-blue eye ~ the right one! How cool is that!?!


Chip and Dale are as adorable as I had hoped. They are a little less than three months old, just eight pounds. I couldn’t see it on their shelter posting, but the fur on their back is perfect catahoula, all merle with darker patches.
I’m also going to be fostering Twilight and Eclipse who arrived in the same transport. No surprise here ~ they are precious, about 15 pounds, rough coats with bright happy eyes.

Yes, I’m in puppy heaven!!!!

If you are interested in meeting one of the puppies, please read about our adoption process.

27 July Update:

Well, the puppies are with me now and boy, are they cute! I gave them a bath and then we ran around the yard for a while ~ it was a riot.

What can I tell you so far? Well, Dixie is a very classic-looking German Shepherd. Her ears are straight up all the time, her right eye is blue marble and the left is soft brown. She is very smart, aware of everything going on all the time. Fast too. And a serious player. She loves to run and wrestle.

Daffy is more laid back than her sister Dixie. She has a stockier build, but that is partly because of her fluffy fawn coat ~ it makes her look that way. She is very people oriented. She was a bit overwhelmed by the rough play of Gus, my basset/bulldog (so am I sometimes!). A really sweet dog.

Chip and Dale are smaller than the other puppies because they are younger. Their fur is slightly fuffy, Chip has more merle on his face and body with fewer dark patches on his back. His right eye is a grey-green, the other is brown. Dale’s face is lighter, but his body appears darker because of the larger black patches. They both have a cute white streak between their eyes.

July 30 Update:

The puppies are doing great. Dixie is really fast. She loves to play and thinks that Gus, my basset/bulldog, is her personal playmate. That says a lot for her ~ he can be a bit of a rugby player. She is also very good at slipping past me and into the house when they’re supposed to be playing outside. At this point, I think she has decided that this is a game. Oh joy…..

Daffy is definitely more laid back than her sister. She isn’t a mouse and she’ll certainly give Dixie a run for her money, but she does it at a lower rpm. Both of these girls are very pretty and people oriented. Read, “try to trip me by weaving through my feet when my arms are full.” I guess they remind me of my cats in some ways……


Chip and Dale are precious. They are forever playing with each other. Yesterday Chip had Dale by the tail and was trying to pull him across the yard. Then they both started chasing their own tails, spinning in circles. It was hysterical. They are so remarkable looking. When my friends come by they are always intrigued by their coats. Really, you look at them and you understand why the breed is called Catahoula Leopard Dog!

August 2 Update:

I can really tell that the puppies have relaxed and feel safe. Their play has changed and is less…. oh, I don’t know,… frantic? Especially in Dixie. Before she tended to really dart around but now, she just plays and trots along. I was concerned today about introducing her to an older dog who was visiting, fearing that she would jump all over him, but instead she proved herself a real lady. She took her queues from him, giving him his position of dominance, and didn’t jump on him at all, even though she thought he was really neat. And when I finally let the Borgis out to play with this group of puppies, Dixie pulled her play down to their level. She even let them sneak up on her and “surprise” her. No way they pinned her, but they thought they had! I was very proud of my shepherd girl!

Chip and Dale have proven to be terrific too! They play very well with the Borgis, who were at first quite tentative. But these two fellows have really helped them out of their shell and thoroughly enjoy playing with them. They are also little treasure hunters. I have a “sacrificial” hole under the hedge, one that was started several litters ago and that I allow (given up?) puppies to dig in. Chip and Dale actually put their treasures in it. I find broken flower pots, pieces of wood, my flip flops, you name it! They are quite proud of themselves. Silly boys!

Adopting Families

Daffy was adopted on July 31 by Ed, Lisa and Jarod. She really knew how to work them by cutting her eyes just so. Really, I think she has been to modeling school. She did quite well with Sandy too, who was not quite as enthusiastic about the new addition to the family, but will certainly come around. Wonderful puppy for a wonderful family!!!

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