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The Dog Liberator rescues abandoned dogs throughout the Southeast. Based in Central Florida, this non-profit organization fosters all of their dogs in a home environment. Founded in 2009, all dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered prior to adoption. The Dog Liberator focuses in rescuing the herding breed, which consists of Border Collies, Shepherds, Sheepdogs, Aussies, Collies, and Deaf/Blind Dogs.

Marjie Wolfe, Volunteer Spotlight

Marjie Wolfe, Volunteer Spotlight
Marjie with Timmy and Sherman


I have known Marjie Wolfe for at least ten years now.  Our paths would cross as rescue volunteers. Marjie has been volunteering for her local shelter, taking photos of dogs in danger, and writing about them in an effort to give them exposure.  Marjie’s efforts have paid off, we recently rescued Sherman, Timmy, Justine Time, Dr. Pepper, and Ramonefrom Brevard County shelters.

Born in Miami Florida and always interested in nature and animals, Marjie has volunteered for many helping groups over the years. She has a passion to help people, animals and the environment. Helping the environment, nature, wild and domestic animals seems to be inherited from a great Aunt Adele who was ahead of her time as an animal advocate in the1920s. Marjie’s Grandfather’s stories about his sister and the things she did to help animals are lasting memories to this day.

Within the community Marjie helps with Church projects, The Love Alliance, School projects, animal help groups, SACC, and the Nature Conservancy lagoon restoration Oyster mat project.

DJ and Skye

Marjie’s first experience with animal rescue groups was in the late 70’s when a co-worker had a pup he kept tied in his kitchen all the work hours long. It was a little boy Lhasa mix, 2 1/2 months old.  She was so annoyed about the pups living situation she asked for the dog. The co-worker gave the pup to her, and she had the local area rescue group re-home the puppy. Marjie volunteered at a local open intake shelter while attending community collage. Years later, when looking for a new pet, Marjie discovered Breed Rescues on line. She adopted a border collie and soon began to volunteer for her local shelter.

Marjie volunteers 1-2 times a week with hands on help at SACC in Brevard County FL.  She also helps transport animals to nearby rescue groups when needed. One of her goals is to make things the best they can be for the shelter animals as they wait for homes. Another goal is to help educate the public about the many responsibilities pet caregivers need to consider before and after adopting a pet of any type. Most important is responsible care for the life span of the pet.  She lives with her devoted husband Don, and has four grown daughters. The youngest, Donna Jean, has special needs, lives at home, and loves being in the company of the family dog, Skye, who is a family member first! Skye is also a service dog who takes her job of helping Donna Jean very seriously.

Lady Melbourne, and Lady London

Earlier this month, Marjie began to advocate for two dogs at her Shelter in Brevard County, one a female Aussie and the other, a female Border Collie.  As their story unfolded, she learned that they were both heartworm positive.  Shelter protocol dictates that positive dogs can not be adopted without heartworm treatment, but there is no immiticide to be found in the country, due to a nationwide shortage.  Now what?

I posted the dogs on my Facebook page, asking for fosters and although we did get a response, we needed to be sure that we had long-term commitments. Luckily, Teresa Lenz and Ruth Peterson raised their hand and the dogs were given their freedom (with no time to spare).  The folks at Brevard County Animal Services gave these two girls countless reprieves, giving Marjie the extra time she needed.

Lady Melbourne, leaving the shelter

Lady Melbourne and Lady London are safe in foster care, preparing for their slow kill heartworm treatments, and there’s no doubt that their updates will show that although it took almost a month to save them, they’re worth it!


Lady London, "Step on it!"



2 thoughts on “Marjie Wolfe, Volunteer Spotlight

  1. Usually I like to HOLD the spotlight, not be standing in it… Without the help of many people not much would ever get done but the dreaming. Putting aside differences, and working together, with each person doing a small part, great things can happen! Do one thing! Follow your heart where it leads you to help! Thanks!

    1. “Without the help of many people not much would ever get done but the dreaming. Putting aside differences, and working together, with each person doing a small part, great things can happen! Do one thing! Follow your heart where it leads you to help!”

      We at the New York Animal Rights Alliance America have a dream too – that dream and vision is that every American has the knowledge on the tip of their tongue that 800 dogs and cats are being killed per hour, that kill pounds are held accountable for violations of animal abuse, negligence and incompetence, that elected officials are put on notice that laws must be changed and judges and district attorneys must adjudicate them to reflect that animals have rights in a court of law. We don’t want everyone to do their small part, we want a large group of dedicated individuals that will move mountains nationwide. We are sick and tired of the slaughter and torture of our babies and we will expend every last drop of blood, sweat and tears to stop them. We are the NY-ARAA and we are coming to a neighborhood near you, November 12, NATIONAL PROTEST AGAINST KILL POUNDS IN AMERICA. We mean business because WE ARE ALL THEY HAVE.

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