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The Dog Liberator rescues abandoned dogs throughout the Southeast. Based in Central Florida, this non-profit organization fosters all of their dogs in a home environment. Founded in 2009, all dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered prior to adoption. The Dog Liberator focuses in rescuing the herding breed, which consists of Border Collies, Shepherds, Sheepdogs, Aussies, Collies, and Deaf/Blind Dogs.

Miss Miami sneaks out-Adopted

Well, it starts with Andrea sending me a ton of photos of dogs that need to get out of Miami-Dade Animal Services. Jackie goes there to see who has a hold, and who doesn’t, and sees a little female Border Collie. All of the dogs that we originally wanted to pull were adopted, and the story unfolds.

Schedules don’t quite work out smoothly, and Joe Crowley steps in to pull the dog from the shelter (not an easy task). Then, Joe transports the Border Collie to Lane, who is fostering her. Are we done yet? No!

Now, Andrea and her disc dodgers are traveling to St. Pete this weekend, and Karen Osborne, a volunteer for Mid Florida Sheltie Rescue is going to pick her up and take her to Clearwater, where she’ll be fostered by Lynne Deal, Mark & Leslie. There, she will join the handsome Kudos who was adopted by Mark, and Star, who was also rescued from Miami a week ago.

We’ve named her Miami, because her given name, Luna, just wasn’t working for me!

I hear she’s a sweetie, with a tail that doesn’t stop wagging! Her Photos can be viewed on Facebook!

Be sure to read the comments on this page as that is where fosters and those who have met Miami post their insights.

December 7 Update:

Lynne Deal tells us that this little girl is not feeling well, and not eating. We will follow the doctor’s orders regarding meds, and give her a few days to recover. In the meantime, Lynne reports this dog is very good with cats! She’s a cuddle bunny, and literally smiles at Lynne! I’d like to have a photo of that! She reminds me of our little Nutella!

December 10th Update:

Miami isn’t a high drive ocd dog, she is the BEST snuggler on the planet. She just wants to curl up next to you by the tv, and follow you around, and give kisses. She watched a whole movie with me with my arm over her all snuggled right up close. She lays at my feet at the computer, is okay with cats. She does tolerate my 2 hyper dogs! She would be the perfect best friend.

December 19th Update:

First and foremost she is a joy. My daughter came to visit with her little dog. The two dogs were like long lost friends. For some reason Mia became attached to Mindi my daughter immediately. I wonder if her previous owner was someone who Mindi reminded her of. Daisy is staying with us for 2 weeks and it is great therapy. Mia is eating, playing with toys and has made great strides.

Medically, everything is better and better. I told you we went to the Vet and he felt it important that we actually run the blood tests for the different tick borne diseases. There is no Basiosis, no Lyme, no Rocky Mountain Spotted. The test for Ehrilichiosises came back with an extremely low titre level. They are re-running the test utilizing PCR technology which is the final say because it is the ultimate in sensitivity and won’t miss or misinterpret (at least that is what my research shows). We should have the results in the next couple of days.

She still isn’t feeling great all the time but is getting better every day. She loves to go for walks, loves to be petted and loves home cooking. Blended boiled chicken and rice with a lot of water is the “bland” diet the vet recommend. She loves this. She is taking Prilosec and Pepto (which she doesn’t like at all and spits out all the time) to settle her stomach.

I will be back to you shortly with updates. She has become a member of family and we love her very much.

December 29th Update:

Mia’s transformation in 2 weeks has been amazing!!!!!!! We were greatly concerned about her health but as I said before anything worth having is worth working for. She is now off all medications for 3 days. Nose has stopped running, she goes in and out of the doggy door to do her business, loves going for a walk around the neighborhood, appetite is great, gaining weight, vet says he only needs to see her annually or if she has a problem and a more loving and loved dog you have never met. She loves to play but still isn’t the best with toys….she just wants to get them and keep em around her…but that’s ok. She loves making the squishy face (as you remember Lynne) and makes a very quiet bark while playing. Most of all she loves to be petted and snuggle up to you after a little chase around the room. Not that I am superstitious but I wanted to wait another few days before writing….you guys have given us a new best friend.
Gisele, please feel free to inform the “dog liberator nation” that Mia (new nickname is thumper because every time you walk in on her and she is laying down her tail just won’t stop thumping on the ground or her bed) is doing great and we will keep you updated with new photos soon. I am hoping to teach her how to play Frisbee….don’t know why but I think she will really love it. I hope both of you have a wonderful New Year…you deserve it!!!!
Later/alan, patti and mia (aka thumper)

January 28th Update:

Mia is doing great. You wouldn’t believe she is the same dog that was so sick. I go back to photos of that little dog cured up on your couch and see such a difference. lShe waits for me every night at the front door for me to get home and as soon as I approach the door she goes into her smushy face, ready to play mode. We have now had her for a little over 6 weeks and she has gained 6 lbs. Today starts a new chapter with her little buddy Daisy going home to my daughters (I know it was supposed to be only 2 weeks but time flys) last night. We will try to spend a little more time than usual with her. She loves to be outside and loves rolling and playing in the grass and dirt. She is definitely not a big fan of baths though (I have included the pre bath photo last weekend).

2 thoughts on “Miss Miami sneaks out-Adopted

  1. Although a little "drowsy" from the anesthesia she was standing waiting patiently for me to finalize her bail bond. I looked down at her as I had been talking with her and giving her a little pat here and there between signing documents and I noticed a young girl and Miami looking at each other. The girl smiled and then Miami's tail started wagging. Miami stopped and then looked at me at the other end of her leash and she seemed to know that the was out of there. She hadn't really shown much expression up to that point but and ever so quietly she her tail just started wagging big time. She was a joy to rescue and I'm sure she's going to bring a great deal of love, laughter and joy to whomever ends up being her forever family.

    Best of luck Miami, Fly High and do great things.

    Joe Crowley

  2. I got to meet this lil girl today! She is SUCH a sweetie! Very gentle and quiet (when i met her) she just stood by me and wagged, waiting for me to pet her. When I failed to do so soon enough she gently bumped my hand with her nose and gave a little lick. SUCH a good dog. She will make someone an AMAZING pet!

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